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22/12/14 - Day 10 of our 12 Days of Christmas God-Thoughts. Listen on Youtube. Alternatively listen to all 10 Days on myfishbites (includes download)

19/12/14 - New session on Hope (may be helpful for young people struggling over Christmas)

18/12/14 - New movie points from, er, Postman Pat!

18/12/14 - New quiet-time on the Wise Men and using our skills for good

15/12/14 - New talk - another one on Luke 5 - More Fishing!

10/12/14 - New quiet-time on carrying the 'wine' (the Holy Spirit)

10/12/14 - New easy game summarising things in 10 words - added at 10:10 on Dec 10th!!

01/12/14 - New talk on Luke 5, fishing and the presence of Jesus

25/11/14 - New session, the Christmas Tree (from Psalm 1) with lots of ideas and downloads!

24/11/14 - Three new quiet-times on heaven and King Hezekiah!

19/10/14 - Our new video... "The Gospel in 50 Seconds"... It's a summary and a start point. Designed to be accessible and easy to use and watch... Plenty of other hopefully useful vidoes on our youtube channel.

16/10/14 - New talk on God's Will for your life (from Revelation 22)

16/10/14 - Free Musical - "The Teenagers' Nativity" which is a short Christmas musical with songs, scripts, mp3 downloads etc. All absolutely free! Written by a Christian who I know personally! - Free Christian youth resources

Myfishbites - Free Christian Biblical youth work resources

myfishbites fishWelcome to - Christian youth work free resources, school assemblies, sessions, games and exercises, prayer, quiet-times, sketches, talks, technical info, parables, creative ideas, small group sessions, points from movies, connectors for youth clubs and groups, meditatures, free audio and a training section and more for you to use. These work well for adults too!

If you're a youth worker short on time or inspiration, or want some games, ideas, easy to use sessions, talks and information this is a good place to start!

myfishbites web snapshotMyfishbites has wide and varied Christian content as well as many sessions and ideas that can be developed to use within any youth work context such as the Excluded section - for any youth workers working with so-called 'dis-engaged' young people. This includes life skills, sexual health, anger management and many free PDF worksheets across the site. We also have Christian school assemblies and ethos assemblies, suitable for key stage 3 and key stage 4 (KS3 and KS4). The assemblies are also excellent for short sessions or talks with young people.

myfishbites mediaMyfishbites is passionate about youth work, but its remit goes beyond this. There's quality advice on music, DJ-ing, digital cameras, camcorders, projectors, making movies, audio (recording, buying equipment and PA) and computers. Check the Creative section for other stuff like Christian book reviews, financial management, personal safety and a great section on discipline. We have lots of info to help you run events, from our very wide and varied experience from the events we organise / help. Check out the huge number of hip-hop reviews too.

myfishbites whoWho are myfishbites - "The site has been put together by a Christian youth worker from the UK with a passion to use relevant communication and effective tools to make Jesus known to young people. Content has been used in a wide variety of youth work by youth leaders with experience in schools, churches, detached work, youth clubs and in running events. The site is UK centred although is equally used in the US and across the world."

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