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17/12/14 - Day 5 of our 12 Days of Christmas God-Thoughts. Listen on Youtube. Alternatively listen to all 5 Days on myfishbites (includes download)

15/12/14 - New talk - another one on Luke 5 - More Fishing!

10/12/14 - New quiet-time on carrying the 'wine' (the Holy Spirit)

10/12/14 - New easy game summarising things in 10 words - added at 10:10 on Dec 10th!!

01/12/14 - New talk on Luke 5, fishing and the presence of Jesus

25/11/14 - New session, the Christmas Tree (from Psalm 1) with lots of ideas and downloads!

24/11/14 - Three new quiet-times on heaven and King Hezekiah!

23/11/14 - If you're ever looking for Christmas and other themes, use our THEMES page which lists most of our content on specific subjects. The top theme is Christmas!

19/10/14 - Our new video... "The Gospel in 50 Seconds"... It's a summary and a start point. Designed to be accessible and easy to use and watch... Plenty of other hopefully useful vidoes on our youtube channel.

17/10/14 - Few site updates. If you do see links not working etc, plz let us know as it's hard to keep on top of everything!

16/10/14 - New talk on God's Will for your life (from Revelation 22)

16/10/14 - Free Musical - "The Teenagers' Nativity" which is a short Christmas musical with songs, scripts, mp3 downloads etc. All absolutely free! Written by a Christian who I know personally!



Download as an Adobe PDF  


Get everyone to stand up and tell them to sit down when they think 1 minute has elapsed. (Remember to time it!) You may need to adapt this by getting people to put their hand up and put it down when they think the time's passed instead. A prize may help for the person closest to 1 minute!


In the 10 minutes or so this assembly takes you will..

- Blink 300 times
- Pump 59 litres of blood through your heart
- Breath 120 times using 56 litres of air
- Grow 0.0023 millimeters of hair on your head
- Sweat enough to loose 4 grammes of water from your body

In Britain we'll..

- Eat 13,500 kg of sweets
- Use 25,000 rolls of toilet tissue
- Change 97,000 nappies (diapers!)
- Harvest 3 tonnes of brussel sprouts
- Receive 100,000 pieces of junk mail


Time is really important. Before we know it, it's gone so make sure you make the most of it. John Erskine wrote a famous book called 'Helen of Troy' almost completely in cars commuting between home and university. How do you use your spare time? Stephen Hawking the famous scientist/physicist hasn't let the fact that he has motor neurone disease stop him - no, he has determined to make the most of his time using his mind.


It is easy to feel a bit left out in this world of ours of 6 billion people but God created you in his image. Don't spend time on things that aren't really important but on what really matters - how you treat other people, how you value yourself and making the most of every opportunity. God created the world in 7 days - what a way to spend 7 days! The best part of his work in his own words is you and me! Don't waste your time but make it count

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