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To - this is a free website (using the resources off to bring you free school assemblies for secondary and high schools. These are especially of use to teachers, TAs, youth workers, schools workers, chaplaincy teams, ministers and others who take school assemblies.

The assemblies all have a Christian ethos, which is a legal governmental requirement in most schools. These all focus on KS3 (key stage 3) and KS4 (key stage 4) age groups, namely 11-14 year-olds (Years 7-9) and 14-16 year-olds (Years 10-11).


The site originated from a Christian youth work resources website called As time went on, it became clear there was a need for a separate site specifically for school assemblies.

There are other quality sites who produce or have assemblies, but we felt it right to offer the assemblies here for free - so that other people can benefit from the assemblies that we have delivered.

All the assemblies on have been tried & tested in high schools in Devon and have been created by youth workers, teaching assistants and chaplaincy teams.

The purpose of these assemblies is for you to use what you want, change what you want or to inspire you to use your own ideas. They are a free tool for you to use as you wish. Please don't feel you have to use the exact content and wording on each assembly, as each school and context is clearly different!

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