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Prayer Section

Welcome to the Prayer Section

This section is designed to inspire you and your young people to pray more and pray more effectively.

All the prayer ideas have been used with and thought up by young people over the last few years. Although much of this may be familiar we hope that we can re-enthuse and inspire you with the power of prayer.

As the amazing 24/7 movement has shown, prayer is an essential part of our Christian engine, the powerhouse of the church. If you don't have a great commitment to prayer or have people in your church specifically praying for the youth work and young people, let me challenge you to make both things happen.

Please look through all of the prayer ideas as there will hopefully be something in each section that you can use.


Thanks to Andy H, Steve T, Jez & Helen F and Colin & Gillian A for ideas. Some ideas have come from young people too.

Use the links menu on the left and top right of the page to navigate.




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