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Myfishbites Latest

20/12/14 - Day 8 of our 12 Days of Christmas God-Thoughts. Listen on Youtube. Alternatively listen to all 7 Days on myfishbites (includes download)

19/12/14 - New session on Hope (may be helpful for young people struggling over Christmas)

18/12/14 - New movie points from, er, Postman Pat!

18/12/14 - New quiet-time on the Wise Men and using our skills for good

15/12/14 - New talk - another one on Luke 5 - More Fishing!

10/12/14 - New quiet-time on carrying the 'wine' (the Holy Spirit)

10/12/14 - New easy game summarising things in 10 words - added at 10:10 on Dec 10th!!

01/12/14 - New talk on Luke 5, fishing and the presence of Jesus

25/11/14 - New session, the Christmas Tree (from Psalm 1) with lots of ideas and downloads!

24/11/14 - Three new quiet-times on heaven and King Hezekiah!

19/10/14 - Our new video... "The Gospel in 50 Seconds"... It's a summary and a start point. Designed to be accessible and easy to use and watch... Plenty of other hopefully useful vidoes on our youtube channel.

16/10/14 - New talk on God's Will for your life (from Revelation 22)

16/10/14 - Free Musical - "The Teenagers' Nativity" which is a short Christmas musical with songs, scripts, mp3 downloads etc. All absolutely free! Written by a Christian who I know personally!


Talks Section

Welcome to the Talks Section

Here you will find a list of subject headings relating to talks that have been given at youth services and small groups, mainly for young people 11-18. In all the talks you have a basic outline but please feel free to adapt, add to and remove parts you do not need.

We know from 1 Timothy 3.16 that all the Bible is useful for encouraging, disciplining and more. When we look at the life of Jesus in Matthew 4.17, we find that from the moment the devil left him, Jesus 'began to preach, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near." ' Jesus encouraged the disciples: As you go, preach this message: 'The kingdom of heaven is near.' (Matthew 10.7) In Corinthians, Paul exhorts the church to preach the Gospel, saying he cannot help but preach. So we know that talky bits are essential for spiritual growth.

In your youth work, I encourage you to preach Spirit-filled words, use the Bible constantly, encourage study and memorising the Bible. I encourage you to be creative and to use relevant ways and means too.

I am also inspired by people who seem to think there's a difference between talks for young people and talks for the 'whole church'. I see no difference. In fact I think that often youth work talks are often better as they more effectively link Biblical teaching with practical application and fun, something every 'sermon' or talk should be! Can I get a testimony!!

If you want pointers for short talks check out the quiet-times or small group talks. If there aren't enough sessions on myfishbites for your liking, or not on the right theme - why not use this talks section and mix'n'match with some games and movie clips.

The Adobe PDFs section has been removed - use the headings in the sections for outlines to the talks.

Use the links menu on the left and top right of the page to navigate.

Check out the assemblies page for short youth sessions or talks with both Christian and unchurched youth groups. Most assemblies include facts and figures, stories, movie clips relevant to the point and a short wrap-up summary talking about God and/or Christian beliefs / ethos. These are like short sessions, so click through and use what you can!




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