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16/03/14 - New quiet-time, GoNoYo !!


Training Section

welcome to the Training Section

Myfishbites has acquired a mass of experience over the last 9 years of ministry and youth work.

This section brings together some training guides and help from across the myfishbites site. This section seeks to help you as a youth worker with various aspects of your youth work.

The purpose is to encourage, share our knowledge, give some training, and enable you to train others, passing on what we have learned, along with what you have learned.

We also want to manage the myfishbites more effectively to help you navigate the site more efficiently!

Across the myfishbites there are many other pages that help people and give some training - these include the creative section (days away, evangelism etc), the hip-hop section (DJ-ing, MC-ing) and the technical section (PA, audio, projectors, cameras, camcorders and computers).

Keep checking back as we will enable to keep this section updated and fresh - as with the rest of the myfishbites site.

Thanks for looking!




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