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Assembly – A Healthy Body

A healthy body - wow, seems like a huge subject for an assembly. As humans, we come in all different shapes and sizes - so what does it mean to have a healthy body? Do we even need to worry about this?

Have you ever thought about this scary fact: in the Western world, people are trying to lose weight; in much of the world people are trying to gain weight. Why? Because they are hungry. Around 1/3 of the world is hungry, another 1/3 is starving. Did you know that there is enough food in the world to feed the whole world, even with the increase in population each year..?

What do Christians believe?

Christians believe 2 things. Firstly, that as humans, we are made in the image of God. God tells us to look after our bodies - this means, think about what we do, eat and act. It also means we need to look out for others. Secondly, Christians believe God provides for the earth. There is a Bible story about Noah and a flood. After the flood, God promised Noah, "As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease." And these things never have ceased. But, here in the Western world, we've got greedy and uncaring. So many people starve around the world. Because of this, many people do things to help others, wanting to fight injustice.

Youtube Video

A brilliant youtube video to show is 'Slob Evolution', which is a parody of the 'Dove Evolution' clip - which may also be worth showing!

Slob Evolution Direct Link -

What things cause us to have an unhealthy body?

Smoking - is the number one cause for heart disease, cancer, and causes premature bone loss. Heart disease and cancer are the 2 main causes of death in the UK and US. Smoking kills more than 114,000 people in the UK each year - and kills 5 million around the world. Did you know that smokers also have lower Vitamin C and Vitamin E in their bodies than people who smoke?

Alcohol - causes cancer of the liver plus contributes to premature memory loss, as well as the other side-effects we all know about. In 2007, there were 8,724 deaths due to alcohol in the UK. IN 2003, alcohol cost the health service £1.5 billion and we lost around 15 million working days. The cost to the economy of alcohol related deaths is estimated to be around £2.3 billion. In 2000, 5789 people died due to alcohol related incidents, and a further 16,169 died due to indirect alcohol causes. The cost of alcohol related crime in 2003 was estimated to be at least £1.5 billion. The overall cost of alcohol misuse is around £19 billion each year.

Overeating - people overeat because of things like lack of knowledge, lack of exercise, lack of spiritual and emotional fulfillment, having food on their mind too much, eliminating entire food groups and not eating a balanced diet, and unwillingness to deny themselves comfort. If we eat too much, eat out of balance and don't exercise, we will gain weight. If we don't stop eating by 2010, one third of Britons will be clinically obese and their risk of diabetes will increase more than 10 fold. Already in the last 20 years obesity in adults has trebled.

Lack of exercise - there are lots of factors here - some parent's fear letting their children out saying it's unsafe. Yet facts show that things like abductions on children have not increased at all in decades. Therefore, some young people stay in. Others have to stay in due to very real crime going on in their neighbourhoods. Often it's because we have new distractions - TV, cable TV, DVDs, Playstation, XBox, Wii, computers (and things like Facebook, Bebo and MSN), the internet etc. People are reluctant to get out and do sport, get outdoors because they can't be bothered or are tired, or lazy even! You can't have a healthy body or a healthy mind without exercise.

Thanks to this site for the ideas for / some of the information above

Sexual health - yep, sorry to spoil your fun but this is a major cause of problems too. Apart from the potential of being a parent before you're ready, there are a number of other conditions. (Facts from bized)

In 2004, there were 53,000 adults are living with HIV/AIDS and over a quarter are unaware that they have the infection. Despite STI education (Sexually Transmitted Infections), there's a lot of ignorance in the most sexually active members of the population is relatively high. 21% of males aged between 16 and 24 did not recognise chlamydia as a sexually transmitted infection. The cost of treating STIs is rising. Over 700,000 new cases were reported last year and the HPA estimate that the cost of HIV infection is between £500,000 and £1 million per individual in treatment and lost production. The same agency also estimates the annual cost of treating STIs at more than £700 million. If STIs are not discovered and treated, they will affect your future health and your ability to have children.

In 2002, there were 39,350 under 18 conceptions, 45% of which led to abortion. The rate for under-16s was 7,395 conceptions of which 55% were aborted. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation estimated in 1999 that the cost of a single parent raising a child was £83,000 to the taxpayer compared to £50,000 if raised in a conventional family. The government spent £300 million (2004-2007) to try to improve the situation.


The TES has an STI powerpoint download. You need to register first - it's free. Click here for the link...

Be aware that this is not a 'Christian' Powerpoint - it does have a couple of grim images in. Please click through the Powerpoint before you use it in an assembly. Of course, you can open it up and edit it to your liking before using!!

The Consequences and some solutions

It has even been suggested that the life expectancy of adults today will be higher than for young people due to their overall lifestyles.

You see, the world has lied to you. It tells you that you have to get the latest gadget will make you happy. It tells you that you need certain brands of clothes to be happy. The lie is that you'll be happy if you have sex or sleep around. The lie is that by drinking more you'll be happy. The lie is that by looking out for yourself and being selfish, you'll be happy.

Christians believe that God isn't out to spoil your fun, although you may think it. Jesus actually said he came to give life, and give you a life that overflows and is amazing. It's just that God says he knows what's best for us and gives us boundaries that allow us to live a full and free life. Outside of those boundaries, God says we will end up hurting ourselves and others. Many Christians live a life that is selfless - putting others first. I could tell you all about friends working with AIDS orphans, people working in Africa, people working as Street Pastors to help out clubbers at night, other people running youth clubs and projects for young people in places where the young people have nothing. Jesus actually said this is the way to live, the way to be happy, the way to be truly free.

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