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Note: this assembly doesn't directly mention God directly, as this needed to be a 'spiritually questioning' assembly without talking about God directly. However, there is a Bible verse used at the end without using the reference. The reference is Matthew 7.14 and it's taken from the New Living Translation :)

Key words: This is about 'journeying' but also about 'significance' and 'life'.

Funny Video

This is a random video I found and it will have you singing the tune long after you leave (sorry!). It's about the significance of scenery and Canada!!

Here is the youtube link. Alternatively here is a link to download the mp4 or flv video file. Use VLC player (free download from here) - or any .flv video playback software.

Significant Things

The random video was talking about the significance of scenery. But what is significant to you?

1. Bring in some significant items that are personal to you: for example, wedding ring / photos / picture of your car or house / musical instrument / Bible etc.

2. Ask students to talk about what is significant to them, or prime some people before to come up. Alternatively, prime some students to write something down about what's significant to them - and say you won't read out their name.

The Journey - say

Life is a journey. Like any journey, it can be planned or it can be unplanned. It can have ups and downs, starts and endings, good and bad times, people come and go, there are varied colours and moments in life.

One time, we decided to drive from Toronto in Canada down to South Carolina in the US. This was quite a crazy journey where we travelled through every weather you can think of. It started off with snow in Toronto, moved to ice and snow in New York state, incredibly slippy ice and sleet in Pennsylvania state, rain through North Carolina and finally bright sunshine in South Carolina (though it was cold at night!).

OR - mention a journey you have undertaken, maybe in car, canoe, on foot, or in life.

Video - relate to the story of your journey

This video is from youtube and is of a rollercoaster ride. Watch it here on youtube. Alternatively, click here for a download link to get the mp4 or flv video.

WARNING - Play this back with sound down at the start and finish, as I think it may have a couple bits of swearing at the start and the end, it is hard to tell. Better safe than sorry!

Compare the rollercoaster ride to life - eg the rollercoaster goes up and down, round corners, but always a journey from start to finish. How much will you enjoy the ride?


It has been said that the greatest satisfaction, significance or achievement can only come when you have really come up against hard stuff and overcome it. In the movie, Lord of the Rings, Frodo Baggins has to go through all kinds of tough events and journey a long way, fighting himself and others all the way. Only then does he so something really significant as he throws the ring into the fire and destroys it once and for all.

People who achieve much, often have to go through much to get there. How many people want to be famous? Are you prepared to make the journey and pay the price? Think about Britney Spears and the cost it has had on her life. Do you want to be a great sports person? Think of David Beckham, always the first one to practice and last one to leave. Or Paula Ratcliffe the marathon runner who has had to suffer - breaking down live on TV more than once in a race..

The end result may be worth the journey, but the journey can be long and needs someone who will keep on keeping on..


We'll watch a video in a moment. It asks the question: does the person make the journey, or does the journey make the person? Think about it as you watch the video and reflect on what matters to you, where you get your significance from and what is significant in your journey.


The video is a Louis Vuitton advert (!) This is an amazing bit of video about life and it being a journey and can be found on youtube and elsewhere.

There is a link shown on the youtube site from - a quicktime movie (.mov). This requires you to enter some letters in a box at the top of the page and then wait for 1 minute, then click on download. This link is the one you should use as it's much higher quality than the youtube videos. Here is the direct link..

Find the direct link to youtube here. Alternatively, here is a link to download the video to your computer.


Someone has written that, 'the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it.'

I believe that the journey I am on is worth it and will have a destination worth reaching. I believe I have found significance in my life through what I believe and how it has changed my life.

Consider the journey you are on. Consider the significance of your life. Is your life where it is going now, as significant as it could be? If not, you may want to explore further and discover what really brings true meaning to life.

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