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School Assemblies

Welcome to the School Assemblies

Welcome to the school assemblies part of myfishbites. This includes a number of school assemblies, generally with a Christian ethos or strong Christian message. At the very least they have a positive outlook on life. They are suitable for any high school assembly gathering, for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 (KS3 and KS4).

These assemblies (and the website) are being upgraded and updated (early 2019). Some content of the existing assemblies have been updated especially the PDFs.

These assemblies have been used by myfishbites and other youth workers in schools in the UK over a number of years. The assemblies are mainly high school only (years 7-11) but could be developed to be used with 6th formers - and possibly with middle / junior / primary school ages (mainly the older year groups).

For short assemblies, use the Connectors section of the website.

These assemblies are also useful for short youth sessions or talks with both Christian and unchurched youth groups. Most assemblies include facts and figures, stories, movie clips relevant to the point and a short wrap-up summary talking about God and/or Christian beliefs / ethos. These are like short sessions, so click through and use what you can!

Assemblies are basically 'God slots' that schools may ask you do in front of Year Groups or whole schools. These can also be used in a variety of other contexts. If you are a youth worker and having made contact with local schools then why not give them a call and arrange to meet with the head or a deputy head? They may be well up for having you into your school. Cover it in prayer first and trust God to give you access as he wills it to happen.

As assemblies change in schools and become less frequent, you may want to invest more time in doing these and your own assemblies, as future opportunities may be limited, if they're not already!

I am indebted to the work of many people, finding a few of the facts and figures used. Also to Martin T, Chris and Heather E and Steve T for their work from their time working in schools.

For other help, visit the facts, the funnies or the howlers part of the creative section. For more detailed and useful info, visit the excluded section and look at the Adobe pdfs. There's a lot of stuff on this site that you could adapt for assemblies so grab a look round, take stuff from the sessions, the talks, the quiet-times and the small group sessions.

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