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Before you contact myfishbites, check if your question can be answered by the site's help pages.

A good start is to go to the FAQ Page. This gives you many answers to people's main questions.

To find out about who is behind myfishbites use the About option.

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Myfishbites Contact Form Disclaimer (sorry for having to have this):

- We do not share links sorry. It's not even a great way to boost google rankings.
- We do not respond to requests for money, Bibles, books, resources etc.
- Myfishbites costs us a lot of time and money and offers free resources already.
- We already support a large number of organisations and charities directly.
- We do not respond to links to paid-for resource websites or unrelated sites.
- We do not respond to anything relating to any services or marketing.
- We do not respond to fake questions or people with fake details.
- We do not tolerate abuse and will take appropriate action where possible.
- We reserve the right not to respond.

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