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Why donate?

This site is the result of the on-going work of over years of hard work (myfishbites started in December 2000), with costs of around £100 a year. This excludes the time and effort to put together material or compile it, which can mean up to 20 hours work a week.

We have a small media company with a limited income serving Christians and charities, so appreciate every donation you make. Thank you!

We fully intend to keep this site going as a free youth work resources site as long as God calls us and supplies the time and resources to do this. However, we do appreciate your support for this to continue and we'd love to give you the opportunity to do so.

Since 2008, 10 people have very kindly donated to myfishbites. We appreciate those ten people so much, it's incredibly encouraging beyond what you can imagine! Thank you to everyone and especially to LM for a kind donation.

Donating is easy

You can donate by using the PayPal money system. This is absolutely secure (look for an https address and a padlock image in one of the corners of your browser window, depending on which browser you use). Funds will simply be transferred from your account to my account.

If you are not donating from the UK - this is the link to the Universal Currency Converter.

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There is no pressure to donate and no amount is considered too small - or too large!

Thank you, we look forward to your support for


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