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Here are 3 examples

Below are three example of events we did called 'Revelation'. We've done many fifferent kinds of events have these were aimed at being creative, story-telling, reflective, ambient and evangelistic. These events included young people from within church and from schools, coming together to showcase abilities (such as drama, rap, DJ-ing) and to give adults a safe space to come and just be themselves without great pressure.

This page has been included because I found the minutes of our Revelation events and thought these may be able to help, encourage or inspire you in your events.

The events we do now are very different and are much more dynamic.. lights, media, rap music, bands.. but you have to start somewhere and we weren't well resourced! God's call on an event may change over time. It did for us as we morphed from a reflective ambient event into a high quality and lively youth outreach event which included schools work


- Video people in city asking them what they think love is
- Video clips of media representation of what love is - Titanic, Blind Date, Romeo & Juliet, songs from bands, pop groups etc
- Video clips from Christian movies/videos like Jesus Video
- Video clip of Bill & Ted where they go up to heaven with 'Death'

- Bible readings on love to music, 1 John, John 15.12-13 etc.
- Project Bible verses and lyrics from songs
- Music videos on screen and audio as people come in/leave
- Do the poem 'Long Silence' on audio with sound FX
- CS Lewis 'The Last Journey' read the last part

- Have a cafe in the room or adjacent room staffed by young people
- Free sweets on tables, flyers, tracts etc
- Decorate tables around the love theme - red cloths etc.
- Prayer room off the main room staffed by prayerful, spiritual people in church

- Key points all come from 1 John
- God created people so he could love them and them love him
- Because he loves us, God gives us a free choice
- Jesus died because God's love for us caused him to find a solution to overcome sin
- Love is forever. God's love is permanent unlike human love


- Focus is mission via multi-media
- Think about Jesus and his death for us
- Think about people's fear of death
- Use testimony about dying to self

- Get some video footage from a graveyard. Need to be sensitive about this
- Get video images of famine, war etc.
- Use movies - like Bill & Ted & Death, Tom Hanks in Philadelphia etc.
- Have a video projector - projecting onto a sheet with a fan lightly blowing behind to create movement
- Revelation logo spinning from compute
- Have an event logo made on cloth to put up

- Music at beginning and end, focusing on the Cross
- Have a big cross in the floor and people have a nail each to think about Jesus' suffering for us and our sin. Encourage people to come to cross and hammer in a nail to represent nailing one or more sin(s) to the cross. Or get them to write down stuff on paper and hammer a nail through that paper into the cross
- Images, art displayed all around the wall about death - representations of it etc.
- Do a medley of movie clips on death - dark but not too deep - Forrest Gump, Men In Black, Independence Day and so on..
- Have a white sheet with a cross drawn on it. Sheet is rolled up and then dropped dramatically
- Give people paper, write sin on it then tear it up to represent Jesus forgiving us
- Do a drama
- Use poetry, readings from a book etc.

- Welcome people and say goodbye more effectively
- Make Revelation more of an experience rather than a presentation
- Flyers need to reflect themes
- Get publicity sorted more effectively - wider target audience
- Have separate room as cafe bar


- Thoughts around Spring, the time between Winter (darkness) and Summer (light). Spring is when things grow.. the turning point between old life (death in a spiritual sense) to new (spiritual) life
- Have things of Spring - daffodils displayed around the place, Easter bunny, crocuses, change in temperature, babies (need to be nursed and taken care of as we do in our especially early days of Christian life)
- What is new life and old life?
- Give out seeds to everyone and encourage them to make a decision, plant the seed to constantly remind them of it. To look after and nurture the plant, to remind them that our spiritual lives need nurturing

- Need to define old life and new life (spiritual sense) initially and be clear what it means
- See Bible verses in Galatians 5.16-26, Ephesians 2.1-10 and Colossians 2.20-3.17
- Also use testimonies of people - eg Nicky Cruz in book, Cross and Switchblade (or similar)

- Had an ice-breaker
- Have a farcical sketch for people.. I used to be a football hooligan but now I knit jumpers..
- Have a serious sketch - Paul's conversion on the Damascus Road. Make a road down the centre of Revelation floorspace where we can act it out in the middle of people. Use paper

- Winter is before Spring - images of rotting logs, leaves.. then images of Spring as new life breaks through (flowers growing etc). Get video clip of when they leave a camera on a flower overnight as it blossoms.
- Get a load of still images
- Have chocolates to give out to people as they arrive and leave. Have food and drink - coke, coffee etc.
- Worship together as a group before event starts

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