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The purpose of this page is briefly to outline who we are and what we've done. We don't know it all, we just want to share our experiences with you. We hope it helps. If not, please skip to another page on the site

We have initiated, organised and helped organise 3 major regular events across a city, as well as many other events in schools, churches and youth clubs.

Events have included a multi-media, music-based, fun-filled event focusing on non-Christian teenagers but attracting Christians as well. We ran evening events at schools on a professional level - involving school performers and Christian performers. It involved numerous young people from our church at every event in a wide variety of roles (12-14 young people taking part at each event).

Another event was for Christian young people in the Exeter area involving worship, teaching and prayer - encouraging unity and building up young people.

Thee events we've run have happened over 10 years.

Apart from this, we have run a weekly youth service and run or been involved with numerous church, school and outreach events in and around the city over 10 years including open air events, an under 18s night in evenings, school media events, school music events, school plays, church and school discos, clubs for Year 11 students in school, church in a club, 18 plus groups and loads more..

All the events we do are very creative and relationally based. We use DVD, film, graphics, projections, computers, visual mixers, worship bands, rap or dance music, lots of creative Bible and prayer times and more.

We were heavily involved in Just10 Devon with J John. This led to an event being started called, 'FNX' which we were a key part of while the event continued - with schools work, detached, programming and work on the night in DJ-ing, visuals and more. We also have had responsibility for services, bringing drama, visuals, and different music formats into the mix.

We have also run a huge number of services at church and beyond, for all ages but focus on having a Spirit-filled, Biblical yet being highly focused on being creative and cutting edge, relevant and high quality.


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