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pdf Looking at the Anger Files

pdf Practical anger management exercises

An exercise

Get a list of things that people do when they are angry or a list of ways of dealing with anger. Write down the list on pieces of paper and get the young people to put the list(s) in order of best to worst.

pdf Click for examples

An exercise

Get a big sheet of paper and pen. Take a look at some of the things that make people angry. Then look at why people get angry. Can people understand why others get angry? Does it help to be angry?

Do this either in a large group or split into smaller groups

A game

Then run a drama type exercise where you get some volunteers to go in the middle and pretend to have an argument where they shout at each other. Use 2 leaders if appropriate!

Get the group to look at what they thought of the people involved. Say that often angry people just look stupid and immature and that we say stuff in the heat of the momebt we often regret later. Get feed back on some strategies for coping:

- deep breath
- walking away
- prayer (if you believe in this)
- count to 5
- seeing yourself in the other person
- thinking of how other people dealt with you fairly when you were angry.

Now get the same 2 people or another 2 to use the strategies the other people in the group have suggested

Get people in

Are there other ways of dealing with behaviour, other methods that you would be prepared to use? Additionally, get leaders trained. Use examples from your own lives.


pdf Personal Factfile

pdf Understanding yourself - what others think about you

pdf How to get from A to B - simple steps

pdf Going for a goal

pdf Sorting out a conflict

pdf Sorting out problems

pdf Conflict resolution - a leaders guide

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