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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind

Go visit the 'About' page for more on this. We are a non-profit, one-man band website, simply putting the youth work and other resources that God has given us online. At times, we use other people's resources when offered and always give credit.

Do you offer any other services?

We also run a digital media website and service -

We are very sorry but we are unable to respond to any requests for money, books or resources. Myfishbites offers a huge range of materials and free downloads already and costs us a considerable amount of time and money. Please be assured myfishbites actively supports work among persecuted Christians, the poor and needy and other organisations bringing God's Word, love and justice.

Great name - where did that come from?

The idea came from a clothing range from the now defunct 'sons not dogs' people who were really helpful to us about the name - for which we thank them!! The name was used because we want to provide youth work resources that are Biblical, that bite and that are real.

Can I submit content?

Yes! If you would like to submit content, please let us know by using the contact page if you feel you have good content. All authors are credited with ideas where possible. We want to honour people and God by giving credit where it's due. Your material must be all your own work, or have the express permission of others who have contributed to the submitted material.

Can I share links with myfishbites?

We have now made it a policy not to share links where it is about paid content, irrelevant content or where we feel we are being used simply to boost goggle rankings. Just be honest with us and we're more likely to respond.

Design of the Site

We have made huge efforts to keep this site looking as contemporary as we can. We realise that web design changes, moves forward and we don't want myfishbites to fall too far behind!

However, we need to keep the site simple and easy to navigate. This sometimes happens at the cost of the design because it's not easy to re-adapt a site with hundreds of pages and a significant amount of resources and information. We don't have a team of people able to give hours to keep re-designing.

When we did an in-house re-design in 2012, the time was such that it would have equated to £20,000 worth of work! So while we try to make design relevant and contemporary, it's more about the content than simply the design. However, we regularly spend a lot of time behind the scenes updating, tweaking and thinking about how we can improve the site.

Compatibility and Security

We are committed to making these web pages work on as many browsers on as many operating systems as posible and go to great lengths to make sure this happens. However, despite our best efforts, as technology develops, glitches can and do happen. We constantly test and check the pages, so if you are experiencing problems please let us know and bear with us as we attempt to fix any problems.

The site has been tested on Android phones (version 5.0 and above) as well as iPad running iO10+

The site is protected by Godsweb and backed up daily. We also have stopthehacker protection (courtesy of Godsweb) permanently installed and other protections in place for the site and your protection.


As of December 2017, Myfishbites has SSL for your protection and assurance - this basically means the pages are transmitted to your browser in a secure way. The search engine, provided by is currently not 'secure' (it doesn't have 'https' but only 'http'). This won't affect you in any way and doesn't compromise you in any way. It may mean that we will need to use another search facility on the site in time.

The site makes use of CSS3, some HTML5 and PHP. The CSS3 has been validated (Dec 2017) and is without errors (although is in need of updating in places that don't affect the site).

Some typefaces have been used from -

Thanks also to

Your other needs for full use of this site

If you want to make the most of this site then you will need to have the following items:

Adobe Reader (to read pdf files)

Microsoft Powerpoint may be helpful (or Powerpoint viewer - PC only)

Other Software and technology used

The site has been developed using Adobe Creative Suite Premium. The website uses as the host, great features at unparalleled prices. They've generally been a helpful, reliable and excellent Christian company to deal with - highly recommended.

We used the free code from

We have also used the free jquery audio scripts from here - pupunzi

Mobile Content

This site has a fixed width of 1000px. Myfishbites works fairly well on iPads and tablets, with a little scrolling. The site displays on smartphones although there is no mobile version of the site because it's an information intensive site and there is little point in developing a mobile site. Most downloads will be via desktop or laptop computers.


We hope that this site is easy to navigate and use. We have made every effort to re-design the site to make it more easy to read than before where it was white text on a bluey background. We have also made Verdana the main typeface as it is a little larger and clearer than Arial. We hope this has helped. At the moment there are no plans to make this site accessible directly by speech enabled software.

If you have a Mac it is possible to get the Mac to speak a limited amount of text by going to System Preferences > Speech and using the options there. Mac OSX includes 'VoiceOver' for free - making the operating system friendly for those with visual impairment. Click here for more info about that...

Search Engine

The search facility is provided free of charge by and you should type in a word that you are looking for and it will bring up pages containing that word or theme, if contained in the site.

For special times of the year (eg. Christmas), use our 'Themes' page which may help.

The search engine, provided by is currently not 'secure' (doesn't have 'https' but only has 'http'). This won't affect you in any way and doesn't compromise you in any way. It may mean that we will need to use another search facility on the site in time.

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