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LZ7 - 'Light' Review - 14 October 2010

LZ7 lightLZ7's latest project is 'Light', the follow up to the 2008 project, 'Gasoline'. Hailing from Manchester and associated with the phenomenal Message Trust, Lindz, Rob, Nic and Nana have been having a positive impact across the nation and the world, in both their music and their message.

As seen in the album art, this is a project that is full of bouncy, infectious and life-breathing tracks. LZ7 lay down the truth in accessible rhymes, contagious hooks and mostly party-beats. In truth this is a change from LZ7's previous projects away from a more grime sound to a more hip-pop and dance-oriented beats and vibe, with hints of the classic vocal correction sound at times. This is no criticism though, it shows the band's musical progression and direction.

The vibrant project comprises 14 tracks, including 2 remixes of the lead track, "This little light" - a fun, engaging and light hip-pop remixing of the classic gospel track from the 1920s. The title track made it into the UK charts recently, spreading a message of social action, shining your light and challenging young people to do fifteen acts of kindness.

The lead track is a bouncy, inspiring, hope-filled, head-nodder, encouraging people to let their light shine over a grooving beat and hook. Definitely a hands-in-the-air number. LZ7 themselves describe the track as a mix between JLS and the Black Eyed Peas and this is not far wrong. Guvna B and Whisteljacket guesting on the project do add that UK grime sound synonymous with artists like Dizzee Rascal and Sway.

"Amazing" is a pop-dance mix that would easily sit in the charts as LZ7 point to God's love being an amazing, despite us messing up, "always pick me up when I burst my bubble, you're still right there whenever I'm in trouble." Definitely a BEP-type party track, with some well produced vocals and shouts mixed together over punchy kick drum.

"Sold Out" featuring Whistlejacket on the rhymes, "it's one of those times when the beat brings life..." with a definite Summer-feeling, uplifting funky house vibe. The focus of the track over synth stabs is being sold out fully for God.

"Ditto" has more of a r&b groove to it over some tasty guitar licks as both Nana and Lindz bring some love and inspire others to spread this love around, as Nic sings, this is "ditto". Taking the Biblical principle of reaping what you sow, Lindz lets us know that, "when you give a little love and you get it right back, that's ditto... when you shine your light and the light comes back that's ditto" leaving space for the listener to insert their own ideas. Inspiring piece of freshness.

"Superstar" with the effervescent Guvna B is a dance semi-bassline rumbler - pointing to the fact that Jesus is a superstar, that he's inside believers and makes them into superstars. "Allo mate" says Guvna B (in a shout to to the title of his own project 'The Narrow Road') as he drops some fun, "Bring it back - frisbee" before explaining that God is with him.

"Greatest Day" over pulsating synth and rhythm, sees Nic kick things off and then Lindz and Nana take over explaining life before meeting with God, "changed my direction like a TomTom", before exploding into the guitar fuelled anthemic hook, "It was the greatest day." Lindz explains how the change has meant wanting to spread the light, God changing the heart. Definitely a poppy, hands-in-the-air, sing-a-long number!

"Dance This Night Away" - let's get those hands up, dance to the music and party! A weekend anthem to dance the night away. A club banger to jump-up to, let go, blow those whistles and get the hands in the air!! Brilliant party track.

"You" is a more downtempo ballad and yet uplifting song, "It's always been you... from the start..." As Nic says, "From good times and bad times, you'll be forever in my heart." Lindz gets personal as he lets us know that the track points to God. The track gets ever-more powerful as it progresses and builds. This could equally be a love-song as we learn, "It's always been you."

"Fall At Your Feet" is much more of a ballad over piano and drums, before breaking out into a beautiful hook, falling at the feet of an amazing God who has done so much for us. This is probably the deepest and most classicly worshipful song on the project. A compelling, deeply moving and exquisite track.

"Come Alive" brings us back up with some scratching, more of a grimey / breakbeat kind of beat as Lindz raps with a flow mixing hip-hop and grime. Probably the most hip-hop track on the project as Nic showcases her great vocal abilities.

"Party Time" is another track like "Dance This Night Away" bringing a funky house style, with some tight flows and an almost Beastie Boys and old skool grooving beat. Get your adidas sneakers on, get the breakdance DVD on and get moving!

"Four Points" kicks off partly like a trance anthem with a heavenly, synth stabbing, bassline vibe. Lindz and Ad-Apt bring some seriously sick grime flows before building to a sample of "O Happy Days' in a sound described as being similar to the 5-piece Hadouken, with some vocal correction and production fun and games as Nic expresses how God paid the price. Another uplifting piece of perfection. If your hands aren't up in the air and you're not bouncing on this one, you're probably dead!

"This Little Light" remix from Kenny Hayes is a nclassy piece of electro-house and bassline, whereas the Starz Angelz mix takes things down a bit to a more deep house / progressive house feel. Both are oustanding and don't in any way come across as add-ons, but quality remixes and tracks in their own right. Really appreciate both of these mixes.

LZ7 - a pop, hip-hop, club project fuelled with elements of grime, bassline. Infectious, fun, uplifting, inspiring, bouncy. Get this project, let your light shine, bring hope where there is hopelessness, truth where there is deception and love where there is none. A top quality album.

Who's it for? It will connect with teens, tweens, and those who appreciate good positive music. The album is equally at home in the church, youth group, school or club. Can't get better than that.

myfishbites, 14.10.10

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