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We pray these will help you in your ministry, personally - and challenge you too. These lyrics are deeply personal as they express a lot of our heart and what God has done in our lives. Some rhyme schemes are simple - some are complex - but all rep Christ and have some real gold God nuggets in them!

You DO NOT have permission to take these lyrics and store, reproduce, perform, sell, copy, hire, use in any format print or electronic, for any commercial means whatsoever, without express permission. You can use them in your youth work and church non-commercially. They are copyright, myfishbites / zerofourhiphop, 2001-2011. Beats at
Evangelism / Outreach
'Ite - Stan Remix - I believe in Jesus Christ - Worship My King - Searching for God - Shackles - 'Glimpses of you' from Martyn Lufkin album - Spend our lives searching - Jazz Tip - I'm Like A - Old Skool - Choices - Lifted me up - Revelation starta - Good Time - Good time remix


I’m just sitting here, hoping that the time is right
To re-state my purpose, about the meaning of my life
God he first called me, out of darkness into light
Just like fruit on a tree, planted and he made me ripe
It’s why I write, bringing truth from all the hype
And the meaningless veneer that makes life so trite
Words that are Biblical, to make your vision bright
Like a lamp on a hill, I’m beaming rays that will en-light

God will take your pain, change it round and invite
You to partake, to find the purpose of your life
Lovingly, he’ll craft you like a potter with a knife
Re-build you from the ground up and release you like a kite
You’ll be soaring like an eagle, lift off and take the flight
Abundantly, exceedingly, to the highest of heights
Fuel you with his Spirit, so you’ll set the world alight
God will change your world so that he’ll be your heart’s delight

Sit back, enjoy the journey, kick back enjoy the ride
God will change your heart, transform from the inside
We don’t have to earn his love, it’s free, we cannot try
To gain God’s approval, it’s for you that Jesus died
The wages we deserve are death, to God we cry
The Lamb alone is worthy, he alone has paid the price
God's super to your natural, in him your life will thrive
The message of the Gospel is that Jesus is alive

In this world, not of this world, we break into the night
To set the captives free, God’s justice making right
The wrongs, the pain, the evil that always threatens to ignite
The world to greater darkness, so we’re here to bring the light
Spiritual not physical - it's prayer we use to fight
With the power of God’s Word, we put demons in to flight
To shine the brightest bright, to glow the lightest light
One answer to the critics, one truth it’s Jesus Christ

(c) Steve H, June 2010

Stan (by Eminem) Remix - God speaks to man (same tune / instrumental) | TOP

What's up man, it’s been some time since you called me
Maybe you’ve been spiritually ill or something, you shoulda' told me
I’ve been waiting, anticipating, it’s frustratin'
To think you’ve forgotten me your best friend
To think what we’ve been through is it gonna end?
I left you a letter, well several letters man
But you never wrote me and I’m your biggest fan
Whassup with that man, it’s not like I don’t care
I’ve been tearin out my hair, seeing if you’d share, compare
Something about what’s been going on in your life
I’m interested about you, your kids and your wife
You see I know all about you, I’ve been watching your every move
Been checkin up on your crew, seen all the lies and the truth that you do
I love you man but you don’t seem to care for me
It’s like I’m not here, like something you can’t see
You just ignore me, it’s like my words are spillin for free
I’m the one who shapes, creates, it’s me, the one they call JC

Our hearts are cold, we wonder why, it seems like we’re alone
God’s knocking on our hearts window, we refuse to see at all
And because we do, it all seems grey, with your spirit in our hearts
It reminds us that it’s not so bad, not so bad

Yeah it’s me again, the one you keep forgettin
One day soon it’ll be too late and you’ll regret it
Take a look at what I’ve done, the future ahead of you
Don’t mess me round now man cos you ain’t got a clue
Of everything I’ve got planned, it’s true don’t be a fool
Forever together, check it, look up to the blue - heavens up high in the sky and think why
I’m talking to you like a friend, it never ends, this story, this book all I got planned
So it’s time to make a choice man, cos my deal don’t last forever
One day soon I’ll say, you know just forget it..
..Me and you we’re history, gone like a song, that someone wrote just back along,
or like a song that just went wrong’
Don’t dis me man cos I’m sensitive too, and I see the end coming between me and you
So take it or leave it cos my friendship is for free
My name is Jesus Christ, the one they call JC

Our hearts are cold, we wonder why, it seems like we’re alone
God’s knocking on our hearts window, we refuse to see at all
And because we do, it all seems grey, with your spirit in our hearts
It reminds us that it’s not so bad, not so bad

Man here God, ahhh, what was I thinkin?
All this time I’ve been forgettin that our relationship’s been sinkin
Like a tiny seed that’s just lying on the ground
I’m glad that you’ve found the sound that made me come around
Like some kind of fool I was walkin away
Fillin my mind with stupid things that filled up my every day
Like a play that was OK but was never really showin
I’ve turned away from you but now my words are flowin
Back to attack, and fall at your feet again
You’ve smacked me back to put my paper to my pen
And write you once more to say how much you mean
To me in my life, from the visible to the unseen
You are the way, the truth, the only life worth living
You’re the Lord, the one we cry come change the hearts we’re givin
Jesus Christ you’re my all, everything I got to do
If there’s one person in my life then Lord you know it’s you

Our hearts are cold, we wonder why, it seems like we’re alone
God’s knocking on our hearts window, we refuse to see at all
And because we do, it all seems grey, with your spirit in our hearts
It reminds us that it’s not so bad, not so bad

(c) Steve H / Jay R, 2002

(to the tune of 'Peer Gint')

Don’t laugh at me kid, cos I spit and live for Christ.
Realise he changed my life, and he is my heart’s delight
You living in illusion thinking Jesus was a hippy
Wearing robes and sandals, saying ‘peace out’, getting trippy
So Christ was a bum? Telling stories, unemployed
Maybe slightly simple, his mind empty, devoid
Was Christ a bearded freak, walking talking with the animals
Skipping through the meadows making daisy chains, in flannels
Maybe you think of God sitting on some fluffy cloud
Ordering round his slaves, ‘thou shalt not - not allowed’
As angels play their harps, wearing shining white attire
Pouring wine and singing songs, like a heavenly choir
Or y’all think that God is evil, enjoying killing people
Causing all the suffering, like Harry Potter sequels
But God don’t cause the pain, we all know we’ve done bad
But don’t stay mad he’s coming back, this Jesus is no fad
Typecast and outcast, but Jesus Christ he outlasts
Elastoplast that lasts, Jesus Christ will hold fast
Stop hatin on good news, cos God’s left you to choose
Remember he was bruised, when you’re down, depressed and through
It messes with my head people saying Jesus Christ’s a hang up
A life of faith is like a war, so many cats are banged up
So whether you a playa, don’t care or full out hater
It’s time to get on team and reject life as a traitor
See, I believe in Christ, word up, he changed me up
He lifted and he picked me up and re-arranged my stuff
My life was in a mess, going up a one-way street
But Christ he re-clothed me and put Nike’s on my feet
Jesus Christ, the Son of God, he died up on a cross
Blood and tortured, kicked then slaughtered, a voluntary cost..
He lived and died and rose again so you could be set free
The answer you are looking for is Jesus Christ the key

CHORUS (Sung to the tune of the song, fairly aggressively!!)

I believe in Jesus Christ, he changed my life, now we’re tight
I believe he died, he is the truth, the way, the life

I’m taking this message straight up to the masses
Jesus Christ my antidote, stronger than hops mixed with molasses
More powerful than crack, but gentler than a mother
The Gospel is the way, the truth, the life, there is no other
All roads don’t lead to God, there’s only one way through
The opposite to heaven’s life is hell, word up, thas true
That’s everlasting emptiness, a world without Christ
A darkness, an eternal pain, no day, no light, just night
So disrespect my vocab, but dawg you’re needin rehab
My words more than a prefab, ya’ll needing faith like Rahab
Or maybe you too cool, too fresh to listen, get a headz up
But kid, I’m no fool, one day the dead will rise up
We’ll stand before the King giving account for all we’ve done
I’d rather be with Christ eternally in God’s Kingdom
Than locked out and locked down, a citizen of no town
Knocked out and knocked down, suffering hell deep down
The lies that fill this world is life is carefree selfish living
It matters what you do, the Bible calls it sinning
The truth to life is found in Christ, he is true freedom
Believe him and receive him, one day in heaven find Eden
Don’t matter who you are, down and homeless or a star
Christ reaches down to change your sound, immortal epitaph
God gave his Holy Spirit, to breathe into your life
If only you’ll accept him and say yes to Jesus Christ
There ain’t nothing greater, it’s fresher than Colgate-a
You were going downhill fast but Christ your elevator
We’ve all messed up big time, we’ve all done things wrong
But God forgives my bad, that’s why I write this song
Jesus Christ changed me and shaped me in his image
Paid for me with precious blood and cleared away my sewage
Change up your clothes, time to re-pose and turn to God-filled living
Christ changed you up, he lifts you up, he’s giving you new linen

CHORUS (Sung to the tune of the song, fairly aggressively!!)

I believe in Jesus Christ, he changed my life, and now we’re tight
I believe he died, he is the truth, the way, the life

(c) Steve H 2006


I’m’a worship my King in my own way, my own style
Between me n God, cos now I’m reconciled
I’m a child, with a passion and my passion’s hip hop
Making Jesus known, always growin, I’m’a never stop
Church mice layin’ down rules, tools on how to worship God
But they jus traditions, jus like Moses and his rod
Made for God’s worship, acquired a twisted purpose
So I stand on God’s Word, his truth in written verses

It’s a war in the church, people sitting on they perch
Lecturing, false teaching, man it’s like a curse
We sing songs and praise to the Ancient of Days
But musically our phrase is as ancient as those days
I’m amazed some cats only see things 1 way
While the world dies and passes by, they do things endlessly
Forcin’ us to sing they music, new jacks can’t refuse it
Prescribing how to worship, their power is abusive

Layin down rules like a broody naggin wife
Singing styles in church I don’t listen to in life
See in my eyes true worship, it is coming from my heart
Don’t matter what the instrument, decks, drums or harp
Gotta get right with Christ, in Spirit and in truth
Check it in John 4.24 if ya need Biblical proof
But where is the love, where is the bass?
Where’s the Holy Spirit (bringing life to shake / in the) the place?

“Can’t do things like that cos it’s the ways of the world”
So we close our church doors and lock down the pearl
Just like an oyster, we closed up in our cloisters
Ministries fruitless, church increasingly pointless
See I’ve been saved, s’why, I rhyme, drop phat beats
Rep for the King, give God glory cos it’s sweet
The feat he’s achieved, bringing healing to my being
Hip hop my way of worship and one that has meaning

First they laugh, diss, n then they slate
Then it gets personal, quickly turning to they hate
Next they accept, reluctantly, step by step
Then they take your idea n claim it’s from them
Can’t take nothing different, one theme stuck in they head
Suggest what you do’s Biblical, get looks to strike you dead
So I’m’a reach with relevance into people’s empty lives
Christ inspiring my all, my beats, my tunes, my rhymes

Don’t claim I know it all, but I’m’a stand tall
Don’t wanna think small, or build up godless walls
Won’t get down and crawl, won’t fall, drop down or sprawl
Wanna tear down every wall, never get overhauled
So I’m crying out to God for my brothas n my sistas
Make a change, don’t wanna see rags from God’s riches
From lifeless, faceless, bass-less, wasters
Clogging up God’s fountain like a plug in endless basins

Don’t wanna judge you bro, cos we free from guilt n hate
Emancipate and liberate, the Bible’s truth outlined in Romans 8
See I ain’t here for fighting, ignitin conflict or spiting
It’s just I can’t help writing, “stop bitin, get enlightened”
These cats need a shake up claiming only use the KJV
Don’t they see, it don’t relate to me, using words passed outta history
But they don’t wanna know, they running they own show
Locking out the world around so they don’t catch its cold

Churches traditional and even charismatic
Suffocating God’s work just like I’m asthmatic
Like speaking sub-aquatic, your words confused like static
Spiritually dramatic but Biblically erratic
See wherever God is shaping and creating something new
It’s brothers in the church that are doubting, cussing you
It happened with Wesley, with Calvin and King James
Happens across the globe so like The Tribe say, ‘raise your game’

(c) Steve H 2005


The Lord is searching out through all mankind to look and see
A man whose heart is after his, to shape, create, set free
He sees beyond the physical, cos outer beauty fades
To probe deep down and test the heart where inner beauty lays
He’s looking for a life sold out, connecting with God’s heart
He purifies and cuts away, takes out and sets apart
The dying branch he prunes away, and burns away the rot
But breathes new life into the man whose heart is for The Rock
He takes a lump of clay like me, with skill he moulds my life
The Lord’s my shepherd, and my guide, the way, the truth, my light
In pastures green he’ll lead me on, through dark times he inspires
A single flame that’s deadlier than any man-made fires
Yesterday, today, the same, the Lord he guides my steps
The mighty King, who sits on high and yet he won’t forget
In everything, in all you are, he sees and knows your name
You may not be all that God wants, but you won’t stay the same

The Lord he is the fixer, restores and comforts too
The crying child, the broken heart, God’s ever faithful, true
He freely pours his love into the lives of those he’s called
Your name is in his book of life, the Lamb of God, assured
My life is in his hands, my times, the paths I’ll take
Don’t remonstrate, just motivate to choose his ways so great
Please bless me Lord, I won’t let go, I need more of your love
Lift me up, anoint my cup, my heart just craves your love
At times the Lord will break you, into what seems like small pieces
But like a master craftsmen, he assembles then releases
Fits together, bit by bit, completing life’s full jigsaw
Building up a healthy man to be a God-filled resource
So Lord I come to you, a weak and broken man
Please take all that I am, and make me all you can
The life of God inside my heart will change lives one by one
Jesus take my all, release and take me on 

Eagerly awaiting, ascertaining, celebrating
The returning King, the re-creation, Lord over creation
The purpose of the Cross, the Christ, to reunite with God
Our broken lives, we once were lost but now we’re found the Lord
Not empty handed in this fight, I’m ready for the battle
The Word of God, the sword I swing, and prayer makes Satan scuttle
Christ the everlasting, the warrior of peace
The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, eternal God, high priest
The man whose life’s submitted, and shows that he’s committed
One day will be acquitted, to heaven be admitted
So set your mind on things above, but rep God in your actions
Witnessing in word and deed cos Christ in you attractive
So take my life and let it be surrendered God to thee
The paths I take, the moves I make, come Jesus set me free
The master’s seeking people for himself that will be faithful
Stop begging like a dog for scraps, eat at the master’s table

So dig into the Word of God and pray to seek God’s face
Replace those empty feelings with ones of love and grace
As Christ shines down and lifts you up, just spread his holiness
The power of God within you breaks the pain, the loneliness
From day to day we’re growing, in God, his light is showing
Christ will fill you up, abundantly and overflowing
Anoint your head with oil, to serve the one true King
In all you do, at home, in life, in everything, you’ll bling
Not rockin jewels or fancy stones, not escalades or jazzy homes
Forget the Jones, and mobile phones, our life’s in Christ alone
So lay down your life, surrender, to Christ and feel his splendour
Almighty King, eternal God, he is our one defender
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see
So thank you Lord for all you’ve done, you hung upon that tree
He’d have died up on that Cross. if only for you (audience) or me

(c) Steve H 2006

Rap done to Mary Mary, 'Shackles' | TOP

Lord you amaze me and I can’t stop praising
Your grace and your favour cos you are my Saviour
You rescued me, lifted then changed me up
You called me, anointed and now I can’t stop
You’re the ancient of days, who can fathom your ways
So much higher and deeper, my shepherd, my keeper
The Lord of all mankind, the unseen on high
You’re outside of time, yet you love and provide
Broke the chains off my feet, thank you Lord now I’m free
Praise God for Jesus who hung on that tree
He tasted our death and he carried our sin
Now we’re made right with God and can enter right in
To the holy of holies, to fall before our Lord
Taking up the shield of faith, the helmet and the sword
Reflecting our Saviour my one heart’s desire
Burning and rising, like flames from a fire

Jesus walks and he talks, right with you and with me
Not just walking and talking, he sets captives free
I cried out to Jesus, ‘Lord give me a sign’
The divine touched my spine and he said ‘you are mine’
Took the cross on his back and he paid the full cost
Now the victory’s won, Satan’s disarmed and lost
So I worship and praise with every breath that I take
Giving it to God, each n every move that I make
Can I kick it..? Yeh I kick it with the King
Now clothed from on high, rockin spiritual bling
God can lift you up, whoever, whenever
Eternal life yours, forever ever, forever ever, ever, ever
Shaping and moulding and lifting and calling, he saved a wretch like me
Serving and praising and bowing and falling, I’m stamped with JC
Now reach up to Jesus with your hands lifted high
Now move and shake your body, shout and sing, praise and cry..

(c) Steve H 2007

We Spend Our Lives Searching Original (accapella freestyle) | TOP

This is the album version from Martyn Lufkin's album requested by people:

Ignoring consequences and sorting with a pill
Tragic sequences, but still can’t get our fill
Our tax bills rise, enslaved to our possessions
You say we’re going forward, I say we’re in regression

Believe in so called experts, search for any truth
We tune into false prophets, only God’s Word stays aloof
Huh, you do things your way and I’ll do things mine
But over time we’ve seen the signs, like stepping on a landmine

Self help books, soap operas and pointless chat shows
Magazines and trash TV, it's godless overload
We feed on selfish greed, taking grabbing what we see
Living selfishly, injustice causing misery

We're doing what feels good, we've failed, misunderstood
Majoring on rights and not on what we should
We build the tallest structures, we reach for the skies
But God seems ever distant and still we wonder why

Walkin empty streets and not through lack of feet
Cos Satan's been stealing all our love and feeling
You're trippin over justice, but de-log your eye
So quick to judge another but slow to love or cry

We lock God out and remove him from our lives
But cry, ‘why God why’ when disaster comes and strikes
To me it’s obvious, plain to see, reality
There’s one hope one way, Christ - who died for you and me

Cos Jesus lifted me up and he carried me
From a place face down, changed my reality
Lost in the darkness and needed a light
Then I found Christ radiating so bright

Now I worship through hip hop, the King with integrity
I’m serving God faithfully, I ain’t no celebrity
See when all is said and done, and all is stripped away
You’ll find Jesus is the answer and he’ll lead you in the way

(c) steve h 2005

We Spend Our Lives Searching Original (accapella freestyle) | TOP

We spend our lives searching, desiring to be stars
We send up spaceships, satellites, we even land on Mars
We claim the brightest minds, find cures for every condition
But spiritually we’re redundant, our song a poor rendition

Live in a world where bad has become good
Owe more, work more but life’s never been less understood
We expand our cities, build new apartment blocks
But security increases, we buy cameras, alarms, more locks

Don’t care of consequences, I’ll sort it with a pill
Tragic, lifeless, sequences, but still can’t get our fill
Our tax bills rise, enslaved to our possessions……
You say we’re going forward, I say we’re in regression

Buy drugs to solve our problems but still doing what we like
We sue for easy money, responsibility replaced by rights
In love with godless standards, illegal music downloads
We purchase soul-less hip hop, rappers with wack flows

Destroying moral standards, choosing sex with any stranger
One night stands means STD destruction the real danger
Infatuated with ourselves, buying make up, perfumed smells
Sex sells but destroys our cells, bringing hell but we can’t tell

We believe any so called expert, we search for any truth
We listen to false prophets, only God’s Word stays aloof
Huh, you do things your way and I’ll do things mine
But over time we’ve seen the signs, like stepping on a landmine

Self help books, psychiatrists, magazines and pointless chat shows
Soap operas and trash TV, our nation on godless overload
We feed on selfish greed, taking grabbing what we see
Won’t pay no fee, live selfishly, exploitation causing misery

Do exactly what feels good, consequences misunderstood
Pullin a hood over our problems, paying others to do what we should
We build the tallest structures, we drive the fastest cars
But living in our cities, you can’t even see God made stars

We walk down empty streets and not through lack of feet
But through lack of feeling, cos it’s one thing Satan’s been stealing
We’re trippin over justice, but take the log out of your eye
So quick to judge another but slow to love or cry

We’re makin our own rules to suit our moods, eat endless foods
We’re rude, consume, no room for truth, what’s good is now what’s crude
We spend on latest gadgets, on alcohol, cigs and clothing
But walk the streets with empty hearts, with fear and inner loathing

We lock God out, no doubt, we shout, he’s got no place in my life
But then we cry, ‘why God why’ when disaster comes and strikes
To me it’s obvious, plain to see, it is the reality
That there’s one hope, one way, God, who died for you and me

Cos Jesus lifted me up and he carried me
From a place face down, changed my reality
Lost in the darkness and needed a light
Then I found Christ radiating so bright

Now I worship through hip hop, the King with integrity
I’m serving God faithfully, I ain’t no celebrity
See when all is said and done, and all is stripped away
You’ll find Jesus is the answer and he’ll lead you in the way

(c) steve h, 2004


Listen up as I take you on a jazz tip, gonna tell you the truth so come on & let it rip
Expressing thro words what I’m feelin inside, this is hip-hop with a purpose, we try to fill your mind
So get rid of negative vibes that you feel, and let the music fill your spirit thro rhymes that heal
Lyrics that flow like the water on the Nile, that carried baby Moses to a life worthwhile
Some MCs like to fight, they think it’s kinda cool, but I speak words of wisdom, don’t wanna speak like a fool
Step back and take time to listen, I’m not a poet but God’s servant on a mission
To transform the world thro the power of God’s Spirit, turn things upside down, that’s God’s way so get with it
Swing to the groove, to the beat, hear the rhyme, hear the message, the truth, while u’ve got time
Rappin is poetry, a way to express, but unlike many rappers I try not to cause distress
So you can sell a record cos you swear, it ain’t all that, or me I wanna hear God’s heart beating thro the chat
So chuck, away, the words, of hate, that break, un-make, that shake, instead take
The Word of God and see how God wants you to be, you’ll see, like me, that he will set you free
Let the power of God transform your world, he re-ignites what’s cold, makes new what’s old
The melody he plays is relevant for today, if you know that you’re lost he’ll open up a new way
So u can get with ‘this’ or u can get with ‘that’, u can get with God or u can say ‘no way, not that!’
But one day you’ll stand before the judge of all, one day you can stand or one day you can fall

Throw your hands in the air and clap in time, I wanna tell you ‘bout a friend of mine
His name is Jesus Christ and he is the King, Come on people give him everything      x2

Over phat beats we rhyme as we see thro the haze, that clouds the world’s vision as people walk around dazed
Thro life that goes no further than the end of their nose, just like sleepwalking or the dead who just arose
My priority’s the Lord, the Spirit and his Word, that means saying to God I’ll obey all that I’ve heard
No time for playing games, no verbal diarrohea, no time for biggin up myself, no time for petty fear
Other rappers spend time writing lyrics and rhymes, and I know the words we speak should be truth & that’s fine
But thinking, saying, ur the best, now let me underline, that Jesus called me into this world to shine
Like a light that’s radiating from the top of a hill, a light that burns for Christ, not one that’s getting chill
So read the Word and speak God’s life and truth, instead of dissin others and building up yourself
Lyrically I take a stand as I live for the Lord, pouring prayer into all I do, slashing Satan with my sword
I’m fighting for God though the enemy’s unseen, I’m walking with my cats, my crew, you’d better believe
That we’re here to do God’s work, to live and to fight, though life is a struggle, we battle day and night
To speak words, life, truth, all that we hear, through the Word of God, do all he makes clear
Lookin upwards and forwards, never backwards or down, our reward is in heaven, like a King with a crown
Wanna hear the words of Jesus, feel his love, hear ‘well done - my friend and fellow worker for the 3, 3 in 1
That’s God, the Father, and Jesus the Son, together with the Holy Spirit, 3 in 1
That’s God, the Father, and Jesus the Son, together with the Holy Spirit, 3 in 1

(c) steve h, 2001


(The Evil One Speaks...)

I’m like your worst nightmare, like a dream that went pear-shaped
I’m like food poisoning, stomach spiked by summit you ate
I’m like your enemy, like the person that you most hate
I’m like a day when you break up with your girl and fall out with your best mate
I’m like when you’re broke, got no money, got no food
I’m like when you get burgled n someone steals all you goods
I’m like a burnin flame, I’m’n’a burn up your dream
I’m like a negative voice in your head, I’m’a make you scream
I’m like the school bully, I’m’n’a subject you to pain
I’m like an arrogant teacher, I’m’a subject you to shame
I’m like the time you fail and feel low and like a fool
I’m like a vicious assault, I’m’a beat you black n blue
I’m like someone who subjects you to a hate campaign
I’m like the person who commits a crime n you get the blame
I’m like your greatest fear, the thing you fear the most
I’m like the greatest evil, like to boast in what’s most gross
I’m like a master puppeteer, in control though u don’t know
I’m like the controller of the Matrix, moving my pawns down below
I’m like the 5th element, infiltrating all your ways
I’m like a spy, marauding and defrauding all your days
I’m like the smell of sewage, I’m disgusting, full of filth
I’m like a master of disguises, dressin up to medal my ill
I’m like a tabloid paper, I expose your life to shame
I’m like a sick reporter, making claims just to profane
I’m like the voice of treason, of lies and of deceit
I’m like a corrupt judge, I’m’a never set you free
I’m like a deadly disease from which there’s no cure
I’m like something messed up that annihilates all that’s pure
I’m like the terrorist, one who blows buildings to the floor
I’m like a hate filled General that loves the sound of killing and war
I’m like a convicted psychiatrist, I’m’a mess with your head
I’m like pure evil and I wanna see you dead..

THIS - is a war going on
(And) THIS - is my song to warn
(But) THIS – is like a new dawn
(Cos) THIS – is the sound that conquers Babylon

(God Speaks)

I’m like the sunshine, the warmth on the summer’s day
I’m like your best friend, there for all you do and say
I’m like a rock of strength, when you’re feelin down and blue
I’m like a mother with her kid when there’s sumit up wid u
I’m like the greatest buzz, like a drug with no come down
I’m like a face of perfect skin where y’all never see me frown
I’m like the challenge of your lifetime, when you succeed and want more
I’m like the greatest healer, I come to forgive, restore
I’m like the most insightful scholar, my transcripts are endless pages
I’m like the one who’s timeless, faceless, wisdom of the ages
I’m like the definition of science, creativity, music
I’m like the artistic genius, plugged in the world for y’all to use it
I’m like an art explosion, fusion, abstract watercolour
I’m like your blood, your family, father, brother
I’m like the musician, hittin up the world with new flavas
I’m like the greatest chef, cookin up new food to savour
I’m like the peacemaker, like a UN that actually works
I’m like the restorer of the poor n needy, reversin all the hurts
I’m like the perfect day when excitement burnin you up
I’m like when you meet your girl and know she’s your true love
I’m like eternal life, infinite happiness to you
I’m like the greatest doctor, releasing from all you goin thru
I’m like a voice defending, when people dissin you
I’m like the coolest cat you know, cos I’m’a speak only the truth
I’m’a lift the heavy load when you feelin you’ll explode
I’m’accept you as you are when brothers dis, leave you alone
I’m’a take all that you are, expand your awesome mind
I’m’a freak out all the doubters, I’m’a redefine sublime
I’m’a take wass upside down and I’m’a flip it right
I’m’a take a mass of darkness n turn it into light
I’m’a take wass in your heart and fill your head with dreams
I’m’a give you all you need to succeed if y’all give your life to me..

THIS - is a war going on
(And) THIS - is my song to warn
(But) THIS – is like a new dawn
(Cos) THIS – is the sound that conquers Babylon

(c) steve h, 2004


Here we go on the mic, time to start, biggin up Jesus thro the hip-hop art
Rockin the nation, a new sensation, with expectation, we present the Revelation
Elation, innovation, accept no imitation
Representation - Alliteration
To Jesus, number one in the fame academy
We’re glad to be, around to see, what he’s gonna do, to -
Turn this world right way round, to set it true
For me, you, all members of his crew
The whole world over cos God is love
Lovin the worst, lovin the best, lovin the me, lovin the rest
So come take part clap your hands and sing
The Good News we bring, an offering, to the King
Get up out your seats and nod your head
I said, code red, steppin up, now go ahead..

‘Revelation Crew, get yer hands in the air - Jump, jump, jump about, jump up don’t stare’

Rockin with a new sound, underground, in your town
Gettin down, sounds profound, shake your frown and come around
To the funky beats now blessin your feet
Soundin kinda sweet, poetically complete
So - swing to the rhythm and jump to the rhyme
For the Lord whose in this place and he’s right on time
Now sway like this and sway like that
Don’t think of sittin still cos the sound is so phat
Melodies, parodies, feel at ease, and release
The cool, happy vibe that you’re feeling inside
Jump with me, feelin free, look and see, the unity
That God always brings, the Lord of mankind
So come take part clap your hands and sing
The Good News we bring, an offering, to the King
Get up out your seats and nod your head
I said, code red, steppin up, now go ahead..

(c) steve h, 2004


yo did you come here tonight lookin for a good time?!
get on, u aint wrong, now let me busta rime!
I’ma spit a flow about dis guy Jesus, he freed us
Hung up on da cross bleedin for us, believe dis
Did i hear ya say why (why) let me tell ya now
Yes dats right he died (died?) let me tell ya how –
this guy God amazing blessed presence felt
sent da saviour, his one son it makes my heart melt
his one son, one love that took da call
all our sin and he took da wrap now for us all
just to think God loves us, more than life itself woah!
aint it amazing for us, and we jus let da world go,
Isnt it strange this crazy world we are living in
A deranged world dat aint pure but is fulla sin
Da youth of da nation needs to rise up and stand tall
Come on people one love one God y’all

We da ones dat gotta clean up mans mess
All together unified and wit no stress we’re blessed
Now we know bout God's love we can get serious
Clean up our act and get rid of fake images
Cos the God above sees all that we do
He’s constantly watchin over me and you,
So if ya thinking differently you clearly cant see
That wat I say is true but u just aint listenin to me
There’s more to this here life than just this lootin
Violence, gangs, war and prison wit da shootin
We can be fulfilled wit da Holy Spirit its true
It’s a new day move on yo does this applies to you!
Yo so in this life we lead today, you can be saved
Two ways in this life, choose Gods true way
Amazing glorified for me, lords purifying ya see
Our sin gone cos he died for you and me (believe)

(c) kay watson, 2003


Yo did you come here tonight looking for a good time
Get on, you ain’t wrong, just let me bust this rhyme
I’m’a spit a flow about this guy Jesus, he freed us
Hung up on the cross bleeding for us believe this
Did I hear you say why (why?) – let me tell you now
Yeah that’s right he died (died?) – let me tell you how
This guy God amazing blessed presence felt
Sent the saviour, his one son, one made my heart melt
Dead and buried he was gone now for 3 days
Died so now we can now learn God’s true way
But on the 3rd day again we know he rose
Stood up and stretched then folded his grave clothes
So isn’t it crazy this world we are living in?
A deranged world that ain’t pure but is fulla sin
The youth of the nation needs to rise up and stand tall
Come on people, one love, one God y’all.

Throw ya hands in the air and clap in time
I wanna tell you bout a friend of mine
His name is Jesus Christ and he is the King
Come on people give him everything..

So here’s a little lesson on how to get wit Christ
Now listen up close cos ya gotta do it right
U need to get in sight and give your life to Christ man
Cos ur gonna need Christ in the next life man
Recognise he lived and died a debt we owe
I can’t believe it and we just let the world go
If you thinking differently then ya clearly can’t see
What I say is true but you ain’t listening to me
There’s more to life than school, college or work place
You gotta see we live through God’s grace
I ain’t saying it’s easy like 1 – 2 – 3
But nothing comes close to my G – O – D
So if you wanna be saved and live his way
Please tell him, he’ll take ya sin away
Now that’s all been said - and hey he died for us
I’m all out – so rewind and bring the chorus back!

(c) kay watson, 2003

OLD SKOOL, EARLY RAP - (a bit basic!) | TOP

Sit back and relax as the rhymes flow freely
Check out the things that I say
My words are true and the message is easy
It’s time for you to check out a new way
It goes a little something like this you see
It speaks loud to blow your mind
It’s about one man who dies to set you free
You and the whole of mankind
Jesus is the one way, the true way to go
Don’t dis me cos I speak the truth
It’s the life of excitement, the ‘mad for it’ show
Take a walk with the King of the groove
He changed me, he’ll change you
He’ll change anyone who joins his crew
So let me tell you now what he’s done for me
Word Up, this is no fantasy

I’m groovin, groovin to a heavenly beat
My feet are movin, they’re movin to God’s sound so sweet (x2)

From the Cross he rose up and he lives today
Keepin it real on the earth
Check out the message, yeh that’s what I say
He’s changed the world since his birth
So don’t just sit back and accept who you are
Check out who God wants you to be
Just say to the King, ‘me and you can go far’
He’ll change you yes he’ll set you free
Representing to you cos that’s the way God works
The Bible’s lyrics are the sweetest
Taking you, carrying you, liftin all your hurts
Yes Jesus’s style is the sweetest
Not rhyming cos I want fame or fortune
Just biggin up God to you
Don’t dis me cos I talk about Jesus
Like I say it’s time you joined his crew

(c) steve h, 1999

CHOICES - another early rap (bit basic again!) | TOP

I’m coming full on and I won’t hold back
Gonna speak the words of Jesus and they will smack
You right in the heart as the lyrics flow
Cos I believe in a God who won’t let go
Of people that will trust him and will follow his ways
He’ll always be with them right through every day
Gonna give you something real, a hope you can’t lose
But you’ve got to make the choice, yes you’ve got to choose
Choose the way that you’re gonna follow
Make the wrong choice it’ll be hard to swallow
A life apart from your Creator
Spending all time with the imitator
The one who’ll drag you down into
The pit where he will trample you
So choose the life that God will give
Accept the free gift that means you will live

Take a look at the future, a look at your past
All the things that have gone but one thing will last
A relationship with the Father of mankind
Expressions of love in his arms you will find
A hope for tomorrow, purpose for today
He’ll lead you, inspire you and then you will pray
A prayer that says Jesus I need you right now
Come reach out to me Lord, come help me to bow
Before the King of Kings J - E - S - U - S
The one who will answer your prayers, S - O - S
He’ll liberate you from the chains that hold
You back from the Father and then he’ll enfold you
In hands that accept you just as you are
To make you feel special cos to him you’re a star
This is why we rap with a passion and we shout
Cos we don’t want you people to miss out

(c) steve h, 1999

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