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Holy (Christian) Hip Hop Reviews - and more

This is the holy / Christian hip-hop reviews section with lyrics, beats, thoughts and more

Reviews of several hip hop albums mainly within the Christian / holy hip hop genre. A basic DJ-ing guide on vinyl turntables, with images and step by step instructions on buying gear, setting up your kit, beat matching and learning to mix. A guide to MC-ing and writing tunes with tips and tricks to improve your words, cyphers, rhymes, delivery and art. There's also guides on this site to audio, buying equipment and gear.

Much of this comes out of a desire to enable knowledge, to show God created and works through hip-hop (it is man that has messed up) - and to be one method of uniting the elements back to their creator, supporting people - and giving another God fearing voice for true hip-hop heads in the UK and beyond. It isn't music that is evil, it is man / the evil one who misuses and abuses music, lyrics and people. This site hopes to encourage you to be part of the counter-revolution, bringing things back to God.

We've been in hip-hop ministry: running hip-hop events, putting young people on stage, and doing hip-hop worship since 1999 when God really spoke and started a pioneering work. Props to God in all we do, inspired by, because of and for his name & glory alone!

Reviews are written by those into hip-hop - but are opinion only, we can't be held responsible for you buying on the basis of our words! But we try to speak truth, to listen, learn and grow, both within God's work in our lives and within hip hop. We speak words of life. Reviews are divided into alphabetical order by artist first name.

All reviews are opinion, a guide only. Some are short and to the point, others go into more depth. No real reason why other than when the reviews were written! For other fantastic reviews, check out, etc. Cross Rhythms has some great reviews too.

Please note if you see any of these reviews elsewhere, it is because I have done the reviews for others. These reviews are mostly for Cross Rhythms, although they edit the reviews. The reviews on these pages are my full reviews.



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