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About half an hour from the end of the movie, we find that Tom Hanks has to make some decisions about what he's going to do. He's been stranded alone on a desert island for months. He makes the decision to leave on a raft, taking his friend, 'Wilson' (a soccer ball) with him. On the journey he experiences some heavy storms.

During one of these storms, Wilson is dislodged from the raft and heads off into the distant sea. Tom Hanks jumps in from the raft after the ball, trying to drag the raft with him to where the ball is going. He loses hold of the rope and has to make a decision about going after the ball or going back to the raft. Much to his dismay he has no choice but to head back to the raft. However, after crying over his loss, in the next scene he is rescued.

Sometimes as a Christian we are tugged in different directions. Sometimes Satan tempts us in one way but we know we should go the other way. Sometimes we have to let go of things, people, behaviours in order to follow the direction Jesus has called us in. Tom Hanks has set out on the raft to find help. He loses Wilson but does get rescued. If God has set your feet on a path, make sure you keep your eyes focused on Jesus, heaven - and not the things of the world - like soccer or whatever!






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