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Just some DVDs / movies that are pretty good, not too dodgy, most you can show to your young people safely-ish for video nights or movie nights. Other movies have been added as they have some good points that can be brought out in youth work sessions.

Please watch it first to check it out. We take no liability for any of the content or descriptions of these films listed - this is a guide, opinions only. We haven't included any of the old classics, kids or family.

Most of these are U, PG, 12, 12a with 15s, 18s included where there are some good points.

PLEASE NOTE - I will stop updating and then remove this page in the Fall of 2012

Titles - A

- 10 Things I Hate About You (teenage film, relevant content)

- A Beautiful Mind (powerful, excellent film on schizophrenia)

- About A Boy (selfish Hugh Grant grows to like kids)

- A Bug's Life (bugs working in a team to defeat evil)

- A Knight's Tale (peasant rags to riches)

- Anita and Me (cross-cultural British Asian teen / life film, 12)

- A Perfect Storm (fight the elements, Jesus, the disciples!)

- Antz (similar to Bugs life, journey of discovery)

- Armageddon (saving humanity.. Jesus!?!)

- Around the World in 80 Days (Jackie Chan, Steve Coogan, funny movie, good principles)

Titles - B

- Babe and Babe-Pig in the City (the life of a pig and chums)

- Barbershop (Life in the 'hood in Chicago, very good movie!)

- Barbershop 2 (15, the barbershop has competition)

- Bee Movie

- Bend It Like Beckham (funny movie about women's soccer, 12, some language)

- Billy Elliot (15, dancer makes it - strong language)

- Bowling For Columbine (Michael's Moore's awesome documentary on US gun culture, 15)

- Brother Bear (ahem, Disney fun and games, for the younger children)

- Bruce Almighty (directed by a Christian, lots of good God stuff, needs couple edits, 12A)

Titles - C

- Cars (Pixar and Disney fun)

- Castaway (Tom Hanks stranded on desert island, issues about life, love, loneliness, change)

- Catch Me If You Can (Leonardo evades the authorities, needs couple edits)

- Cats and Dogs (good overcoming evil)

- Charlie's Angels (girl power saves the world! Part 2 needs many edits!)

- Chicken Run (perseverance in trying to escape, teamwork..)

- Chronicles of Narnia (The)

- Chronicles of Narnia (The) - Prince Caspian

- Chronicles of Narnia (The) - Voyage of the Dawn Treader (The)

- Clue (based on the board game, Cluedo. A bit zany but harmless!)

- Clueless (teen flic, popular girl finds there's more to life)

- Coach Carter (basketball coach transforms the lives of some of his students, based on true story)

- Cool Runnings ("Jamaica, we 'ave a bobsleigh team.." Perseverance. Very good)

Titles - D

- Dante's Peak (be prepared for the volcano!)

- Daylight - (Sly leads people out of a tunnel, with Jesus on a cross showing the way, honest!)

- Dead Poet's Society (believing in young people)

- Deep Blue Sea (sharks bite back, good points near end)

- Die Another Day (Bond confronts North Korean baddies, good points, need some edits)

- Down to Earth (a bit dodgy but worth a watch)

Titles - E

- Elf - (an elf leaves the North Pole to find his family, PG)

Titles - F

- Finding Nemo (I once swam off, but now am found..)

- Flash Gordon the movie (total cheese but one good point where Flash is about to sacrifice himself)

- Forrest Gump (fantastic, many points from this)

- Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe (good points)

Titles - G

- Galaxy Quest (good fun movie)

- Garfield (not great but fun and harmless)

- Gladiator (15, ancient Rome and honour)

- Good Will Hunting (15, but great resources in movie on rebellion, psychology, helping people)

Titles - H

- Happy Feet (a penguin finds happiness through dancing)

- Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone (the subject isn't good but can you use it?)

- Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (much darker than the first)

- Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban (haven't seen yet, but darker still)

- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (not yet out on general DVD release, as of Dec 05)

- Haunted Mansion (some scary scenes but some good points, 12A)

- Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy (zany, eccentric and yet funny movie. 2 bits of bad language only).

Titles - I

- I-Robot (Will Smith in a great robotic futuristic thriller)

- Ice Age (great animation, great fun for all)

- Ice Age 2, The Meltdown (more animation from your favourite characters)

- Independence Day (the US saves the world. Good movie though)

- Indiana Jones (all 3 films, loads of stuff)

Titles - J

- Johnny English (goofy Mr-Bean style spy saves England, 12A)

- Joseph, King of Dreams (animated story of Joseph)

Titles - K

- Kingdom of Heaven (an interesting look at The Crusades, 15)

- Kung Fu Panda (brilliant movie, determination, friendship, nothing is impossible)

- Kung Fu Panda 2

Titles - L

- Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (fantasy adventure)

- Liar, Liar (erm.. consequences of truth, lying..? 12, some editing needed)

- Like Mike (Lil' Bow Wow in a harmless but poor b'ball movie)

- Lord Of The Rings. All of them (click here)

Titles - M

- Madagascar (NYC zoo escapees end up on a desert island and fun ensues!)

- Madagascar 2 (more fun!)

- Matrix, all 3 'episodes' - ('15' ratings, but powerful points contained within them)

- Mean Girls - (Excellent teen comedy, great stuff on being yourself, bitchiness and hypocrisy, watch first!)

- Meet The Parents (quite funny, watch first)

- Men In Black (great fun film)

- Men In Black II - (same crew, same kind of fun stuff)

- Minority Report (futuristic, realistic, officer fights for justice, 12)

- Miss Congeniality (a pretty harmless and fun film), unlike the dire Miss Congeniality 2

- Monsters Inc. (brilliant fun movie)

- Mr Bean (silly fun from Rowan Atkinson)

- Mystery Men (fantasy adventure)

Titles - N to O

- Notting Hill (15, romantic but also funny)

- Oceans Eleven (robbery on Casino - that'll learn ya!)

- Over The Hedge (animation, rodents head to the suburbs for food)

Titles - P

- Passion of The Christ (18. Brutal. If it's OK to watch this 18, what about other 18s !?!)

- Pay It Forward (good kid does good deeds)

- Pearl Harbor (well, the end bit!)

- Peter Pan (2003 version, quite deep. 'I do believe in fairies.. I mean Jesus!!')

- Phantom Menace (and the 4 Star Wars films on vid)

- Pirates of the Caribbean (Jonny Depp and co. in a pirate-tastic movie!!)

- Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (Jonny Depp returns with an even bigger plot and set!)

- Pleasantville (good concept, couple of dodgy scenes - watch first!)

- Prince of Egypt (animated story of Moses)

Titles - R

- Rabbit Proof Fence (moving, 3 Aboriginal girls escape from captivity)

- Rat Race (and Rat Race 2) (fun, kids flics)

- Robots (the fun world of recycled machines that have sprung to life, PG)

- Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2 (some dodgy bits in both)

Titles - S

- Saving Private Ryan (15, disturbing, about World War 2)

- Schindler's List (15, disturbing, about the Holocaust)

- Scooby Doo (animation and film mix to bring classic series to life, PG, Scooby Doo 2 not as good)

- Scooby Doo 2 (can the guys save the hometown from the monster machine?)

- Shanghai Noon (Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson join forces to save America)

- Shanghai Knights (the follow-up with Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson saving China and the British Monarchy)

- Shark Tale (Oscar lies about his prowess against sharks but then meets the scariest shark in town..)

- She's All That (teenage flic)

- Shrek (brilliant fun movie)

- Shrek 2 (Shrek gets to go meet the inlaws. Very funny but sexual innuendo & swearing)

- Shrek 3 (many find it hard to decide if this or Shrek 2 is the weakest movie)

- Shrek 4 Forever After (a kind of take on 'It's A Beautiful Life')

- Signs (supernatural kind of movie but some good points)

- Snow Dogs (Cuba Gooding Jr leaves Miami for Alaska and snow dog husky fun ensues)

- Speilberg's 'AI' (the future, genetics, ethics)

- Spider-Man (cool visuals, the super-hero returns)

- Spider-Man 2 (Spidey is struggling with his schizophrenic life, who is he really? Great movie)

- Spider-Man 3 (Slightly darker than the first two but issues of forgiveness and redemption)

- Stuart Little and Stuart Little 2 (fun, kids flics)

- Superman (2006 version)

Titles - T

- The Bourne Identity (Matt Damon recovers memory and leaves hitman life behind)

- The 'Bill and Ted' 2 films (silliness from young Keanu Reeves)

- The Blind Side (Christian family take in troubled teen who rises to be NFL star, 12)

- The Day After Tomorrow (fantastic film as earth enters a new ice age, hope-filled, nice ending)

- The Fighting Temptations (Cuba Gooding Jr, Beyonce, T-Bone & gospel choir go to Gospel Explosion)

- The Fugitive and Fugitive 2 (wrongly accused finds justice)

- The Grinch (modern day Scrooge)

- The Green Mile (18 but very powerful and unusual film)

- The Haunted Mansion (sounds dodgy but it's actually quite funny, PG)

- The Incredibles (animated fun from Pixar with a family of super heroes)

- The Lion King (both films, very highly rated for kids)

- The Mask (do we hide behind masks?)

- The Mask Of Zorro (swashbuckling adventure)

- The Matrix (15, loads of stuff, best movie of the bunch by far)

- The Matrix Reloaded (the saga continues)

- The Matrix Revolutions (the saga ends?)

- The Miracle Maker (animated, claymatian story of Jesus)

- The Mummy and The Mummy Returns (some disturbing stuff)

- The Pacifier (with Vin Diesel. A fairly harmless fun family movie with a good message).

- The Rookie (man in 30s, Major League baseball, perseverence, great movie)

- The Sixth Sense (15 and subject matter is supernatural)

- The Truman Show (does God control us, free will)

- The Wedding Planner (quite funny and fairly harmless)

- Tintin (cartoon DVD set)

- Tintin and Secret of the Unicorn (CGI animated adventure extraordinaire, PG)

- To End All Wars (powerful about British POWs in Japan in WW2, 15)

- Toy Story 1, 2 and especially 3 (fun, about the lives of toys, 3 is quite moving)

- Twister (chasing twisters / hurricanes / tornados)

Titles - U, V, W, X

- UP (charming, sad, powerful story of an older man and a boy on adventure)

- Vertical Limit (mountains, surviving, running the race, climbing and snow, 12)

- Waking Ned (funny near end (only), morality)

- Wall-E (charming little tale about a robot saving the world)

- What Dreams May Come (Robin Williams in a story of heaven and hell, 15)

- Willy Wonka (Jonny Depp version. Falls short of original but overall pretty good)

- X-Men and X-Men 2, X-Men 3 and Wolverine

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