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Welcome to the Movies, Films, Video Clips Section

This is a resource for using film, movie, video and DVD clips to illustrate talks, points and ideas from the Bible and life. These are useful in church sessions, assemblies, youth work talks and even for teachers in schools.

Where possible we try to list the Chapter on the DVD, and give timings where we can. Most sections are broken down into the name of the movie, how they illustrate points. On some sections, we don't give the exact timings from the DVD but give the outline of the clip and where it can be found.

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Movie Guide - Subject First

10 Commandments The Simpsons
A ^ Top
Abortion Coach Carter
Accepting one another and ourselves Toy Story
Achieving the goal Tintin
Actions and consequences Bruce Almighty
Adventure The Hobbit
Adventure Tintin
Age is no barrier Madagascar 2
All things through Christ who strengthens me The Rookie
All things work together for good Toy Story 2
Answered prayer Evan Almighty
Answered prayer The Simpsons
Architect Matrix 2, The
B ^ Top
Back to your roots Madagascar
Band of brothers / comradeship The Hobbit
Being a hero The Incredibles
Being positive Paddington 2
Being right with God The Fighting Temptations
Being true to yourself Mean Girls
Belief Kung Fu Panda
Believing in someone Barbershop
Believing in someone / something Coach Carter
Believing in yourself and others Freedom Writers
Believing in yourself Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium
Bible The Book Of Eli
Bible and conviction of sin The Simpsons
Bitchiness Mean Girls
Bitterness and hate Spiderman 2
Bravery The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
Breaking your word and integrity The Simpsons
Brutality of the streets Freedom Writers
C ^ Top
Calling Avengers Assemble, Evan Almighty
Change Freedom Writers
Change and transformation The Hulk
Character above gifting Spiderman 2
Charismatics / healing evangelists The Simpsons
Choices Barbershop
Choices Matrix 1, The
Choices and Unpopular Decisions Divergent
Choosing to live The Way
Christian journey Lord of the Rings 1
Christian witness Kingdom of Heaven
Church in action The Simpsons
Compassion The Book Of Eli
Confession and absolution Mean Girls
Community Barbershop
Confronting fear Ice Age 2
Conquering fear Divergent
Conquering fear Batman Begins
Consequences Over The Hedge
Control and Propaganda Divergent
Cost of following Christ Spiderman 2
Counter-culture lifestyle Ice Age 2
Courage Forrest Gump
Courage Paddington 2
Courage The Hobbit
Courage Voyage Of The Dawntreader
Courage Spreads The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
Creation Prince of Persia
Cross, The Kingdom of Heaven
D ^ Top
Defeat of evil Lord of the Rings 3
Determination Eddie The Eagle
Determination Happy Feet
Determination Tintin
Discrimination and Prejudice (confronting) The Way
Disobedience Finding Nemo
Disunity Avengers Assemble
Diversity Paddington
Do you love God's Word The Simpsons
Doubt Evan Almighty
Drunkenness The Way
E ^ Top
Empowering Kung Fu Panda
Empowering Madagascar 2
Encouragement Toy Story
End of the world Day After Tomorrow
End times Lord of the Rings 1
Enemy's Plan (the serpent) Prince Of Persia
Enthusiasm Eddie The Eagle
Environment Happy Feet
Evangelism Finding Nemo
Evangelism The Simpsons
Everyone has a role Matrix 2, The
Exclusion Happy Feet
Extraordinary Things / Destiny Voyage Of The Dawntreader
F ^ Top
Facing Your Fears Voyage Of The Dawntreader
Facing your past Willy Wonka
Faith Day After Tomorrow
Faith Evan Almighty
Faith Field of Dreams
Faith Lord of the Rings 1
Faith Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium
Faith Willy Wonka
Faith Divergent
Faith without works is no faith Pay It Forward
Family Paddington
Family Paddington 2
Family Over The Hedge
Family Willy Wonka
Father's love Madagascar 2
Father and Son The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
Fighting for 'Zion' (Christ) Matrix 3, The
Fighting evil Voyage Of The Dawntreader
Fighting temptation The Greatest Showman
Fight the good fight of faith Kung Fu Panda
Finding your place Kung Fu Panda
Finding your purpose Voyage Of The Dawntreader
Forgiveness Barbershop
Forgiveness Madagascar
Forgiveness Mean Girls
Forgiveness Over The Hedge
Freedom Matrix 2, The
Freedom (from sin) Shawshank Redemption
Free will Bruce Almighty
Friendship Day After Tomorrow
Friendship Madagascar
Friendship Mean Girls
Friendship Toy Story 2
Fulfilling destiny Kung Fu Panda
Fun Paddington 2
G ^ Top
God X-Men 2
God as a person (Jesus) Bruce Almighty
God in us Coach Carter
God's character Bruce Almighty
God's judgement / judgment Prince Caspian
God's love Coach Carter
God's Path / Direction The Book Of Eli
God's promises The Rookie
God's conditions for being saved The Simpsons
God and satan Lord of the Rings 1
God doesn't always answer prayer the way we want The Simpsons
God is a good God Prince Caspian
God is a healer Prince Caspian
God is always with us Prince Caspian
God is in control of the elements Prince Caspian
God lets things happen to shape us The Simpsons
God sees the heart Avengers Assemble
God sees the heart Shrek 1 and 2
God with you The Hobbit
God working all things for good Voyage Of The Dawntreader
Good and evil Lord of the Rings 1
Goodness = Heaven? Changing Lanes
Good defeating evil Spiderman
Going through the storm Tintin
Good wins out over evil Paddington 2
Greed Over The Hedge
Greed and Justice Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Grief The Way
Guidance Bruce Almighty
Guided by the star Voyage Of The Dawntreader
H ^ Top
Hard decisions Over The Hedge
Having and fighting for a dream The Greatest Showman
Healing Toy Story 2
Heart song Happy Feet
Heart, The The Fighting Temptations
Heaven and Hell What Dreams May Come
Heaven Voyage Of The Dawntreader
Helping others Toy Story 2
Hell Kingdom of Heaven
Hell Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Heroes Freedom Writers
Hope Coach Carter
Hope Forrest Gump
Hope Lord of the Rings 1
Hope Paddington 2
Human Condition (Sin) Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Humbling Yourself The Way
Humour Lord of the Rings 2
Hypocrisy Mean Girls
Hypocrisy The Fighting Temptations
I ^ Top
Identity X-Men 2
Identity in Christ Spiderman 2
Idolatry Happy Feet
Idolatry The Simpsons
Integrity Lord of the Rings 1
Investing in other's lives Freedom Writers
Inter-racial relationships The Greatest Showman
Is there a God? Changing Lanes
J ^ Top
Jealousy Willy Wonka
Jesus Matrix 1, The
Jesus as King Lord of the Rings 3
Jesus - the only way? Changing Lanes
Jesus saves Ice Age 2
Jesus the Saviour Lord of the Rings 1
Journey The Way
Judgement / Judgment Changing Lanes
K ^ Top
Keep Going Eddie The Eagle
Knowing who you are Spiderman
L ^ Top
Leadership Over The Hedge
Letting go (of sin / comfort) Castaway
Life and death Forrest Gump
Life more than a game Coach Carter
Lies of the enemy The Incredibles
Life Prince of Persia
Life is more than 'stuff' The Greatest Showman
Life's Motives The Way
Life of faith Kingdom of Heaven
Light conquers the darkness The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
Loneliness Paddington
Losing your life for Christ Matrix 3, The
Love Captain Corelli's Mandolin
Love Coach Carter
Love Finding Nemo
Love Forrest Gump
Love Happy Feet
Love Madagascar 2
Love Paddington 2
Love Spiderman 2
Love (true love) The Greatest Showman
Love of money corrupts The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
Loving someone for who they are Shrek 1 and 2
Loving the unlovely Freedom Writers
Loyalty Finding Nemo
Loyalty Madagascar
Loyalty Spiderman 2
Loyalty The Hobbit
Loyalty Tintin
M ^ Top
Making a difference Coach Carter
Making a difference Pay It Forward
Many doors, only one truth Matrix 2, The
Materialism Over The Hedge
Miracles Evan Almighty
Music The Fighting Temptations
Music The Simpsons
N ^ Top
Neo and believers Matrix 2, The
Never give up Eddie The Eagle
Next Generation The Greatest Showman
No more fronting (faking) The Fighting Temptations
Not denying who you are The Incredibles
Not Of This World Divergent
Not judging Finding Nemo
Not judging Kung Fu Panda
Not quitting Kung Fu Panda
Not neglecting those close to you The Incredibles
Not rejecting others The Incredibles
Nurture Kung Fu Panda
O ^ Top
Obedience Evan Almighty
One God Avengers Assemble
Other religions The Simpsons
Oracle Matrix 1, The
Orphan Paddington
Overcoming adversity Forrest Gump
Overcoming adversity Happy Feet
P ^ Top
People and Team The Way
Perseverance Coach Carter
Perseverance Day After Tomorrow
Perseverance Finding Nemo
Perseverance Kung Fu Panda
Perseverance Paddington 2
Perseverance Spiderman
Perseverance The Rookie
Persistence Forrest Gump
Personal responsibility Bruce Almighty
Power of faith Prince Caspian
Prayer Bruce Almighty
Prayer Evan Almighty
Prayer The Simpsons
Prayer and Unity Prince of Persia
Pregnancy Coach Carter
Pride, Fall and Restoration The Greatest Showman
Prophecy Day After Tomorrow
R ^ Top
Racial division Freedom Writers
Realising our destiny Kung Fu Panda
Redemption Eddie The Eagle
Refugee Paddington
Relationships Mean Girls
Relationships Spiderman 2
Relationships Divergent
Religious Pharisees Happy Feet
Repentance The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
Rescue Toy Story 2
Resisting temptation Voyage Of The Dawntreader
Responsibility Kung Fu Panda
Restoration Barbershop
Restoration Lord of the Rings 3
Restoration Toy Story 2
Resurrection Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Revenge Batman Begins
S ^ Top
Sacrifice Paddington
Sacrifice Matrix 3, The
Sacrifice Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Sacrifice Tintin
Sacrifice Toy Story
Sacrifice X-Men 2
Salvation Toy Story 2
Saying 'Yes' to God The Hobbit
Seeing the best in others Paddington 2
Seeing the unseen Matrix 3, The
Self-sacrifice Divergent
Selfishness Bruce Almighty
Selfishness Willy Wonka
Selfish selfishness The Incredibles
Serving Others The Hobbit
Sharing Madagascar 2
Signs from God Bruce Almighty
Silencing Different Viewpoints Divergent
Sin Lord of the Rings 2
'Small things' The Hobbit
Sorcery Lord of the Rings 2
Sold out for God The Simpsons
Soul, The The Simpsons
Spirituality - God, Prayer, Confession The Way
Spreading the Gospel Finding Nemo
Standing Up / Standing Out Evan Almighty
Standing out for the Gospel Shrek 1 and 2
Stealing Over The Hedge
Step of faith and friends The Simpsons
Step of faith Eddie The Eagle
Sticking together Madagascar
Stuck in everyday life The Incredibles
Suffering for doing right Over The Hedge
Sunday The Simpsons
Super-Powers The Incredibles
Survival Madagascar 2
Supernatural Field of Dreams
T ^ Top
Taking a stand and morality The Simpsons
Taking a stand for truth Freedom Writers
Taking risks Toy Story 2
Teamwork Day After Tomorrow
Teamwork Happy Feet
Teamwork Lord of the Rings 1
Teamwork Madagascar
Teamwork Madagascar 2
Teamwork Toy Story 2
Teamwork and friendship Tintin
Teamwork and friendship Toy Story
Telling the story Freedom Writers
Temptation Lord of the Rings 1
Temptation Over The Hedge
Temptation Prince Caspian
The difference one life can make Paddington 2
This is your moment Eddie The Eagle
Times and seasons Prince Caspian
Too busy for eternity Lord of the Rings 2
Training Kung Fu Panda
Treachery (and its price) Lord of the Rings 2
Treachery Matrix 1, The
Tough lives Freedom Writers
Tough love Coach Carter
Transformation Bruce Almighty
Trust Freedom Writers
Trust The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
Trust Lord of the Rings 1
Trust Prince Caspian
Truth Over The Hedge
Truth The Incredibles
U ^ Top
Unity Avengers Assemble, Lord of the Rings 1
V ^ Top
Values Barbershop
Voice of God The Book Of Eli
W ^ Top
Wanting something badly enough Shrek 1 and 2
We all have a power or gift The Incredibles
What is Church? The Simpsons
What you wish for in life Madagascar
Who Are You Divergent
Who are your friends The Simpsons
Who is God? The Simpsons
Will to succeed Happy Feet
Working together Freedom Writers
Working together Kung Fu Panda
Working together Madagascar
Working together Shrek 1 and 2
Working together The Incredibles
Words of a friend The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
World, The Matrix 1, The
Wrath Prince of Persia
Written Word The Book Of Eli
Y ^ Top
Young people taking a stand The Simpsons
Your identity Ice Age 2


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