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The website - beliefs

This website is run by a committed Bible believing Christian from the UK. This site subscribes to the Evangelical Alliance statement of faith. Member of Exeter Network Church a local evangelical / lively church in the UK. The pic is of the 'band' on tour on Dartmoor..!

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Please note: this website has a Christian ethos based on an evangelical Christian faith. However we work with all people from all Christian denominations and all people (regardless of religion, no religion, lifestyle, race, gender, sexuality etc) to try and demonstrate integrity, quality, reliability and Christ's love through this site and our lifestyle.

The Website - authors

The author of myfishybites is the same person as behind, which is a youth work resources website set up in 2001.

The purpose of myfishybites is to provide a central place where quality and tested children's and kids work resources can be brought together.

The major props go to Mr Myfishybites Senior, who is a teacher trainer and immensely gifted with children. Much of what is on here is what God has put on his heart to create, shape and deliver over many years of children's work in churches, clubs and schools. A great man of God and dad, so thank you!

A very special thanks to the very funky AH for his assemblies. Thanks to PG for his help, support, provision of material / reviews and his many ideas that will be posted up on Massively appreciated :)

Other Shouts Out

To all those who have helped in the development of myfishybites. I hope I have credited all of you on the site. I will credit everyone (adults and young people) who have been involved in coding, assembling, writing, supporting. Thanks to Mrs Myfishybites Senior and Sister Myfishybites for their total support and Godly wisdom! Thanks to my mates, especially the unique BL - teacher, youth worker and servant of God.

Thanks to those of you who have visited this site. Thanks even more to those who keep coming back!

As ever, we save the biggest thanks and shouts up to the awesome God, one in three and three in one. Thank you Jesus for dying, rising, calling and gifting us. This is all about and for you.

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