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Welcome to the Games Section

Welcome to the games section. Until more content is added, the games will all be put onto this page. Check back for more games over time! Thanks :)

Please Note - Liability Exclusion:
Any persons using any of the games on the website undertakes any and all risk involved themselves. We, the authors of cannot be held liable for any damage, accidents, injury, death or any incidents whatsoever, caused directly or indirectly as a result of any of the content on this website.

Guess The Letters Game

There are 2 variations on the 'hangman' game theme here. It's the classic game of having a Bible verse, then having children call out letters to guess the words / the Bible verse.

The variation here is that the children have to call out a number between 1 and 12. Each of the numbers corresponds to a letter. Only you know which number corresponds to which letter. Depending on which number they choose, the get a points score according to how many of those letters are found in the Bible verse words. You will need to have the information below displayed on a piece of paper, an OHP or on a laptop somehow.

It would be a good idea to have 2 people doing this game. The first person does the presenting, the second person keeps the score and does the letters.

Game 1 - Psalm 37 v 4

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- /  -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- /  -- -- /  -- -- --

-- -- -- -- /  -- -- -- /  -- -- /  -- -- -- -- / -- -- -- -- /  -- -- --

-- -- -- /  -- -- -- -- -- -- -- /  -- -- /  -- -- -- -- /  -- -- -- -- --

Game 2 - Ephesians 2 v 8

 -- -- -- /  -- -- /  -- -- /  -- -- /  -- -- -- -- -- /  -- -- --

 -- -- -- -- /  -- -- -- -- /  -- -- -- -- -- /  -- -- -- -- -- -- --

 -- -- -- -- --

The Answers / Numbers (for your eyes only)
Psalm 37 v 4

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- /  -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- /  -- -- /  -- -- --

D  E  L  I G H T     Y O U  R S  E L  F     I  N    T  H E

-- -- -- -- /  -- -- -- /  -- -- /  -- -- -- -- / -- -- -- -- /  -- -- --

L  O R D     A N D     H E    W  I  L L    G  I  V E     Y O U   

-- -- -- /  -- -- -- -- -- -- -- /  -- -- /  -- -- -- -- /  -- -- -- -- --

T H E     D  E S  I  R  E S     O F    Y  O U R     H E  A R T

A=2  D=4  E=9  F=2  G=2  H=5  I=5  L=5  N=2  O=5  R=5  S=3  T=4  U=3  V=1  W=1  Y=3
Bonus letter M=6 points

Ephesians 2 v 8

 -- -- -- /  -- -- /  -- -- /  -- -- /  -- -- -- -- -- /  -- -- --

 F  O R     I T      I S     B Y     G  R A C  E    Y  O U

 -- -- -- -- /  -- -- -- -- /  -- -- -- -- -- /  -- -- -- -- -- -- --

 H  A V E     B E  E N     S  A V E  D    T  H R O U G  H

 -- -- -- -- --

 F  A  I  T H

A=4  B=2  C=1  D=1  E=5  F=2  G=2  H=4  I=3  N=1  O=3  R=3  S=2  T=3  U=2  V=2  Y=2
Bonus letter J=6 points

Hoop Jump

This one came from a kids cell I helped run in Swansea. We took some hoola hoop rings, then lined up the children next to each other (side by side, with gaps between them) in a line so that they were all facing one way. Next, I stood at the head of the line, around 2-3 metres away from (at a right angle) to the children - and rolled a hoop along the floor past them. The children (who were all facing the hoop as it rolled along) had to jump through the hoop without touching the hoop if they could. The children have to be told to do this very carefully, otherwise the lads (mainly) dive through and injure themselves!

You can do this, one child at a time, or you can see how many can dive through the moving hoop, without touching it and knocking the hoop to the ground. I hope this is all clear! Just one of those creative moments God gives us all !

Peg Game

This is a classic and will need you to buy some big clothing pegs. You will also need to roll up some newspaper and sellotape around it to make it a few 'whacking sticks' (may it firm, just don't do too many sheets of newspaper per stick, otherwise it will hurt the kids when they get whacked with it!) You will also need a blindfold.

One of the kids is a volunteer and has to wear the blindfold. They are then stood in a circle (for example, in the ring of a hoop), which they are not allowed to go outside of (well, not officially anyway!) They are given 2 whacking sticks and have to defend themselves against the other contestants, whose job it is to remove a peg each from the volunteer. Have a time limit for each volunteer (1-2mins) and then count how many pegs are left on them. The ones with the most are the winners.

Each of the kids takes it in turn to have pegs put on them. The pegs are put on by the leaders only, and not in sensitive places on the body!

Ball Circle

Very simple game whereby a leader stands in a circle with the kids with a ball. The leader must throw the ball to the nearest person who must catch it and then throw it back. Then the leader throws to the next person along in the circle, who throws it back etc. One point is awarded for every catch made by the child (including the subsequent throw back to the leader). Have a time limit on this exercise and the ones who make the most catches win. Where the ball is dropped, there is no point, but the ball is thrown back to that child.

Relay Running

This is similar to the ball circle game above. In this game, you organise teams of children who stand in a straight line all facing the front. Facing each line of children is a leader with a ball. The leader throws the ball to the first child who throws it back and then has to run to the back of the line. The leader then throws to the next person etc. The game runs for a defined period of time and the leader keeps score of completed catches (from leader / back to leader).

To make the game more fun, have one of the children replace the leader. After the first child in the line has received the ball and thrown back to the 'leader' child, the leader child puts down the ball and runs to the back of the line. The first catcher then takes on the role of the 'leader' child etc.

Newspaper Hockey

Create 2 goals at each end of the room. Divide the children up into 2 teams who sit facing each other along the 2 sides of the room where the goals are not. Place to rolled up folded and taped newspapers in the centre of the room. Place a ball in the centre of the room. Each child from each team has a number. Make sure you tell each team which goal they need to try and score in. When you call out a number, the children who have been given that number get up, take one of the rolled up newspapers and try to score in each other's goal.

Traffic Lights

Just as the lights on a set of traffic lights have different meanings, so the red, amber and green in this game mean something different to the children..

Your job is to shout out a random colour (red, amber, green). If you shout red, they must stop dead. If you shout green, they have to run around. If you shout amber they must move in slow motion. You get out of the game if you do the wrong thing (eg don't stop when you shout red!)

When a kid is out, they are out and help spot other people (quietly) until you get a winner.


Usually you have music playing in the background. When the music stops, the children have to stay absolutely still in the position they are in. To add some more spice, you can keep the music off for a period of time and wait, or you can go around and pull funny faces at them, to get them to laugh.

This can be a good game to help calm children down as they are forced to keep quiet!

Chinese Laundry

Yep, this classic game.. The children are divided into teams and each team has to pick a runner. Your job is to create a list of objects that you call out. The first person to bring the object to you is the winner. Make sure you have a team sheet and have someone keeping a score.

Ideas for simple objects: show, white sock, black sock, hair ribbon, scrunchy, hair band, longest line of girls, the funniest face, the funniest joke, a 50p piece (or a coin), a brown leaf, 3 odd shoes, 2 shoelaces, a black hair, a blade of grass, a sweet, a leader etc!

Shoe Pairs

Get the children into teams and get them to take their shoes off and put them in the middle of the room randomly (or if you have a large random collection of shoes for some bizarre reason (!) you can use them). Mix them up. Each team appoints a runner. When the leader says, 'go', the runner has to find as many pairs of shoes as they can. This is done by the runner grabbing one shoe from the pile of shoes and then bringing that shoe back to their team. They have to then go back into the room (leaving the shoe with their team) and find the matching shoe. At this point, you can change the runner if you like. Teams can also take shoes from other teams if they feel it's the matching one. There is a time limit to each 'round' of finding shoes. You have to decide how many rounds to do, but do fewer rounds than there are pairs of shoes! The winning team has the most correct pairs of shoes.

Chocolate Dressing Up

Have a pair of gloves, a hat and a scarf - and a knife and fork. Arrange the children in a circle. Place a large bar of chocolate on a plate in the middle of the room. You then take a dice and one by one, the children have to throw the dice. If a set number is thrown (say number 6), they have to put on the gloves, scarf and hat and then use the knife and fork to cut themselves a piece of chocolate before someone else throws a number 6 on the dice. Carry on until the chocolate has gone!

Musical Dressing Up

Get a pile of clothes and accessories in the middle of a room (old clothes will do fine). The children have to run or walk around the room while music is playing. When the music stops, everybody grabs one item and keeps that item of clothing on. Then the music plays again, stops and everyone grabs another item of clothing etc. The end of the game is when there are no / not enough clothes left. The winner is the child(ren) who is the best, funkiest or most impressively dressed!

Musical Numbers

The children run around a room while music is playing. When the music stops, the leader shouts a number (eg '4'), the children have to get into groups of that number. Then the game starts again.

Musical Chairs

Again there is music playing and a number of chairs arranged back-to-back, facing opposite directions. There is one fewer chair than there are children. When the music stops, everyone has to sit on a chair. The child who doesn't get on a chair comes and joins the leaders. Then you remove another chair and off you go again.. Winner is the last person sitting!

Balloon Lines

The children are divided into 2 teams. They are usually sat on chairs, lined up with a gap in-between, facing each other. There also needs to be a gap behind each team as well. There are a given number of balloons (up to you) and the idea is to bat the balloons over the heads of the opposing teams without them stopping you. You get a point if you get the balloon over the heads of the opposite team and the balloon hits the floor. Leaders count the score, standing behind the chairs and retrieving balloons and then putting them back into the mix as appropriate.

Wink Murder

People sit around in a circle. Someone is chosen to go outside the room. Once they are outside, you pick the 'murderer'. Then the person who's gone outside comes back in and stands in the middle of the circle. Then the murderer winks at different children in the circle to 'kill them' and tries to be avoided. When you are winked at, the person has to die in a dramatic way. The volunteer in the centre has to try and work out who the 'murderer' is.

Game may not be appropriate in some areas and situations.

Memory Game

Get everyobody sitting around in a circle. Pens and paper are needed for this game, one for each child. Hand out a piece of paper to every child (not the pen, yet). Then you bring out a pre-prepared tray of little objects covered over, such as: wool, key, nail, pen, mobile, drink etc. Then you lift the cover from the tray for a set period of time and get the children to remember as many objects as they can. Then you take the tray away out of sight. Then give the children a pen each and get them to write down as many objects as they can remember. The winner is the one who remembers the most.

If you have a group unable to spell, you could have an adult with them, or get them to shout out the things they have remembered.

Balloon Lines

Team games, using balloons. Divide everyone up into teams and have them stand in straight lines, facing forward to the front. Then each team has a balloon, which is passed to the child at the front. They then have to pass the balloon backwards down the line in different ways. Firstly, by putting the balloon over their heads. Secondly, by putting the balloon under their legs etc. Have more than one round of this. You may think of different ways to pass the balloon backwards!


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