Today's Quiet-Time Bible Notes. August 18th, 2018

Life is a planting field - Galatians 6.7-9 ... In an interview, a well-known Christian guy said that if he knew he had 25 years to live, he'd spend 20 of those years in preparation! Quite a commitment. Yet when we look at people like Joseph, Abraham, Moses, we find that their real Christian ministry and purpose didn't start until they and the time had been prepared by God. When life is a struggle, or maybe we feel like we're not getting any younger, we need to remember that! Let's look at these 3 verses and drag out what Paul is on about. First, you get what you give. You don't get what you don't give. If you've given out for God, you'll get back from God. If you ain't given none, you won't get anything much back. The principle is the same in life. What you put in, you get out. Second, if you plant bad stuff, you'll only get back ruin. If you plant what the Spirit of God tells you to, you'll get back eternal life if you don't give up. This shows, thirdly, that the Christian life means being a full-on disciple with all its ups and downs 24/7. It's no Sunday job. Fourthly, you can work your booty at a job, even at churches, and feel like you get little back. But God works differently. He sees all you do, even when no-one else does. And he WILL reward you for it. Guaranteed.

-- Myfishbites