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The urgency of spreading the Gospel in our nation and beyond. We're in the last days, with the need to make the most of every opportunity.


Was a joint service led by the young people and youth leaders, with the church. Young people took part in the technical side (PA, laptop, video projector), the worship (the band), the sketch, serving the Communion (with the Pastor leading) and readings. At a later service one of our young people is speaking (14 year-old, with support before)

We also had a DJ playing (one of the young people) before, during and after the service.


Feel free to change what you want and need to!

1. Welcome & prayer, preparing our hearts to worship - being totally open to what God wants to do

2. Worship

3. Bible reading – 1 Thess 5.1-11

4. Sketch – taken from this site - click here or click here (or write your own sketch, probably better than ours!)

5. Talk on 1 Thess 5.1-11. Suggested points:

a. If you are too comfy, get un-comfy. Get concerned. Get out there. Pray and take action!
b. Don’t live in darkness, be aware these are evil times
c. Bible says take God’s protection (we’re obviously gonna need it) & encourage each other – suggests people could be discouraged so need to encourage each other
d. Differences between light and the dark found in this passage (no particular order:



Self control
Hope of being saved (salvation)
Encourage, strengthen

6. Powerpoint Presentation - series of images relating to Matthew 24.6.-14 - with first of all the Bible text and then an image relating to it. For example, 'You will hear about wars and stories of wars..' followed by an image of war. We used some images off google.

8. Groups for prayer.

9. Worship.

10. Video Clip – Robbie Reindeer and the Lost Tribe of Vikings. It's the clip where Robbie has fallen down the mountain on his way to re-find the lost tribe of Vikings. It starts when Robbie awakes and ends when Magnus (one of the vikings) says, 'Someone should so something.' then another Magnus says, 'Maybe somebody will' and it fades to black.

11. Group feedback, quickly via Powerpoint (this involved getting the survey results in and projecting up a graph from Excel or similar with the results.

12. Bible Reading – Ephesians 5.15-20

a. Time is coming when you are gonna stand out or go with crowd and reject Jesus. The choice is yours. Story of Russian gunman going into a church with gun - saying 'right who's a Christian' in order to separate true believers from pretend ones. He then told them he was a Christian and needed to do that to get rid of spies.
b. Take every opportunity for doing good. Ask God. Be sensitive to Spirit. Ask for wisdom.
c. Be filled with Holy Spirit or alcoholic spirit. One or the other.
d. Spiritual songs. Don’t be polluted by world’s songs. They offer problems not solutions. Hopelessness not hope. Songs should teach and reach.
e. We've got to read the Word, be open to the Holy Spirit, pray on all occasions with all kinds of prayers (Ephesians 6.18). Note this says all kinds of prayers - one way isn't necessarily more valid than another!

13. Prayer Time – open this up to people to pray out loud?

14. Worship

15. Ending prayer and Worship – Beautiful One


As ever, pray before, expect God to move, be completely open to the Holy Spirit, ask God to speak through his Word. In this service the Holy Spirit really moved at the end but this was in no way down to us or what we did, except in our willingness to be open and obey.

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