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There is a very real evil in our world that God has told us to keep away from. God is very clear that we should have no involvement or association with the occult, witchcraft, tarot cards, palm readings, astrology and the stars. If you have ever been involved in any of these areas, then you need to ask God for forgiveness, destroy any remnant of these things and ask God to deliver you completely from all evil through the cross and the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus. It's that serious.

Bible - 1 Samuel 28


Thing is, Saul had already been ‘replaced’ by David as King (although it hadn’t happened yet – the whole God’s timing thing again, doh!!) In 1 Samuel 15, Saul didn’t do what God said and therefore God rejected him (he was also disobedient somewhere else but can’t find it!!) Then in 1 Samuel 16.14, the Bible says that the Spirit of the Lord had departed from Saul (he had ‘gone’ to David). After David killed Goliath it says that Saul was jealous of David and was his enemy, trying to kill him. So Saul was in a place of real disobedience to God. Therefore God wouldn’t / couldn’t speak to Saul. The application is that we only really get God’s blessing when we obey God and only then!! So, Saul turned to mediums to ‘speak’ to him. Obviously the occult is powerful and the evil one and demons can mimic and represent dead people. They cannot see what is going on God-style. The evil one only has the authority that we give him – so we need the blood of Jesus!! (eg the Passover and the angel of death flying past only doors with the blood on them). God had forbidden Israel to consult the occult and we learn Saul himself had banned it! He also set God against him by doing this, bringing a curse on himself (Leviticus 20.6). Saul most likely wanted to bring back the good old days when him and Samuel hung out. But he also deceived the woman and then - all of a sudden up pops Samuel (as you do!!) The medium was shocked, and got a glimpse of God’s power over the occult! It is likely that this was actually Samuel and God allowed this (Samuel not in heaven, but ‘heaven’s waiting room’ lol as Jesus had not yet come) – Samuel re-iterated that what was happening was God’s will. Because Samuel re-stated what he / God had already stated, we can be sure this was Samuel. Saul then also recognised that God had rejected him. He was desperate. He could have repented and turned back to God, but didn’t. It is likely that Samuel only came ‘up’ because God appointed it to happen. It was not through the witch’s incantations that Samuel appeared (but Galatians 5 warns against the occult and we should never go near it). God’s Word stays the same and what God says will happen – God is not a man that he should lie, and he is faithful and true!! :)

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