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3.00am - awoken by heralding angels. Join in angelic throng singing songs of praise

4.00am - awake by glowing halo above head, rise up then lie face down on the ground for a brief 4 hour prayer time

8.00am - turn to the Word. Make choice from the 23 Bibles available. Choose Hebrew version. Recite first 18 chapters of Deuteronomy (off by heart) then learn Leviticus

8.30am - decide to go without breakfast as today is a fasting day to celebrate the Jewish festival of the Day of Atonement

9.30am - 6.00pm - spend time in joyful worship, singing joyfully with guitar, rainbow guitar strap and flute to Cliff Richard's holiest hits

7.00pm - fellowship meeting at church with quiche to celebrate end of fast. Lots of green cups and plates

9.00pm - to streets to tell teenagers about how they are doomed for hell

9.16pm - arrive at Casualty department at hospital rejoicing at being persecuted for the faith

(Note - some of the above may not be entirely true...)


Read John 17.11-12 - John 17.13-19 - John 17.20-23 - John 17.24-26

Q1 - What can we learn about prayer?

1. That we should pray - Jesus did (John 17)
2. We should pray for each other (v.9, 20)
3. We should pray for safety too (v.11, 15)
4. We should pray for unity (v.21)

Q2 - What can we learn about the Bible, about truth?

1. We should accept the Jesus - the Bible's teaching (v.8)
2. The Bible is truth. What it says will happen (v.12, 17)
3. The Bible is a way God teaches and shapes us (v.17)

Q3 - What can we learn about worship, our lives?

1. The world looks at us to see Jesus (v.6)
2. We have a place in heaven with Jesus and with God as Christians (v.11, 24)
3. The duty of a Christian is that God is glorified through our lives (v.21-23)
4. We should have joy in our hearts (v.13)
5. We're different to the world & don't belong to it (v.14)
6. Worship - being a Christian - is about serving (v.19)

What can you learn from this bit of the Bible?

QUESTION - How do you get from where you are to where you want to be?

1. GET REAL! Don't try and do too much - start with some bite size CHUNKS of time reading the Bible and praying

2. JUST DO IT! Make sure you do read the Bible and pray - remember, if you do something for 2-3 weeks it becomes a habit!

3. BIBLE NOTES. Get some ! Don't know which ones ? Ask a youth leader. Don't understand? Ask a youth leader, well some anyway!

4. LET GOD SPEAK. Ask God to speak to you, to help you, to show you what he wants to say to you

5. REACT. Don't just listen to God or read the Bible. Do what God says!

6. WHEN? WHERE? Don't just expect to find time to read the Word & Pray. Plan a time - like when you wake up or B4 you go 2 bed

7. THINK! Ask yourself what the Bible bit means for your life

8. TALK TO GOD. After you've read the Bible to show you if there's stuff you need to deal with.

9. WAIT! Listen for God's voice - don't do all the talking

10. WORSHIP. Lifestyle stuff. Live for God 24/7 not just Sunday. Ask what Jesus would do. Don't watch TV if it's violence, sex, bad language. Don't swear or say 'oh God'. Think B4 you open you talk..

11. PRAYER. Say thanks to God - say sorry for sin and ask God to forgive you - Ask God for things you NEED (not want), for people, for situations

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