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Technical Advice and Information Section

Welcome to the Technical Section

Please note this information was updated between 2011 and 2014 and updated end of 2015. As such, some of the specifics may not be completely up to date but the principles are very much still the same.

The technical section was introduced as myfishbites continues to extend its advice and help in technical areas.

The technical help sessions we've put here have been moved from other parts of the site, so that they can exist more sensibly in their own section, rather than being placed across other areas of the site!

The technical section includes loads of incredibly useful stuff:

- Advice on audio such as buying equipment, what to look for, using Graphic EQ and studio outboard equipment, microphones, MIDI, different kinds of ways to record and more.

- Guide to Camcorders, what to look for when buying one, explanations of jargon.

- Computer guide - looking at all the jargon, monitor advice, broadband, how to stay secure and general advice.

- Digital Camera buying advice and a breakdown of the key things to look for when buying.

- LCD TVs - what to look for, what all the terms mean, buying advice for you.

- PA and Sound - how to setup a church or any other PA / sound system, including diagrams.

- A look at video / data projectors - all the terms, what they mean - in easy to understand terms, plus a buying guide.

- A guide to shooting video - how to frame shots, top tips, how to edit, scripts and much more.

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